Ambrie and The City

I love the world wide web! This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn.. not by choice of freaking course (3 boys) and attempted to clean up but that was an epic fail… so I crawled back in the bed with my cup of tea and began researching party ideas for my birthday!

Every year I end up going out, spending a ridiculous amount of money and not having the memorable birthday that I thought I was going to have.  Not this year… This year I’m partying in the house… But just because it’s a house party doesn’t mean it can’t be FABULOUS!

I managed to pick a theme, order my invitations, lock in the “activities” you’ll get the “T” on that in another post and select decorations and appetizers from the comfort of my bed.  Not a bad start of the day at all.. Hopefully when the boys lay it down I can tackle this hurricane of a house…

Until then… How cute are these invites!?


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