So you think you can sing?

 My o so very talented male bestie Syn sent me a link to listen to some of his tracks that are on his cd... Of course I listened! I began browsing the other artists to listen to the competition... WHAT THE HELL!!!??? Now don't get me wrong there were quite a few that had my head swaying from side to side.. eyes closed... fingers snapping... Good... But then there were the OTHERS... My mouth LITERALLY smacked the floor ...Who the hell told these people they could sing? And I'm not even trying to be funny. You would have to go listen for yourselves it's completely UNBELIEVABLE... Reminds me of American Idol... You know.. Like those people who know good and damn well that they shouldn't be trying out in the first place .  It's a HOT ASS MESS SMDH and DON'T even get me started on the lyrics! Maybe it's the writer in me... But seriously.... Shit doesn't make sense every phrase ryhming like a Dr. Seus Book. and to think they spent money in a studio to record this mess.  Syn don't ever set me up like that AGAIN.




Yesterday my girlfriends and I got together and the highlight of our many discussions was Chris Brown's new single Dueces...Love Love Love the song and it has OFFICIALLY become the break up song for the summer...a few summers ago it was Beyonce's TO THE LEFT! No seriously, Ring Backs, Ring Tones, Twitter feeds and Facebook Status updates... DUECES! Not that breaking up is an easy thing to do... But doesn't this song just fill your lungs with a breath of fresh air and motivate you to move the hell on from uneccessary drama... Girl Chatting it up... He did this and I'm tired of that.... moments that normally would put everyone on edge waiting to pass around tissues and more wine turned into moments of histarics... I boxed his shit up and told his ass DUECES... I told him to lose my number right before I said DUECES... I changed the locks and put a post it on the door DUECES Tagged him on Twitter, Facebook, Skyped him called his cell phone and let the song play on his answering machine DUECES... I'm seriously waiting and anxiously anticipating a female spin on the song... If the ladies are chanting it now we can only imagine....



Ask and you Shall Receive

Everyone's been itching for more flicks of my fresh new do! So here are a few from me to you!

Kisses Dolls!

We Survived

We survived our first day of kindergarten yall! I didn't think we were going to get through it but DAMMIT WE DID! A big sigh of relief... I would have uploaded a video but my computers on her period (reason for no posts lately)  First born was excited, no problems there.... Mommy was the one in complete panic mode... Why?! Because it was his first time on the bus... Traffic, Traffic Traffic.... getting to my baby whos bus was due to arrive at 2:04! It was 1:59 and I still was about 10 minutes... When I say By the Grace of God I didn't get into an accident, pulled over, ticketed, or locked up for my wreckless driving that's exactly what I mean... I just couldn't imagine my baby standing on the corner all alone not knowing which way to turn while his mamma is off stuck in traffic somewhere. I got there at 2:03 on the dot and looked around.... No Parents... No Bus... No Miycah... WHAT THE HELL!? I almost immediately jumped into my truck and drove to his school to cuss out everything in sight... WHERE was my LOST CHILD! FIND HIM!!! ( Why is it that when we're wrong we always want to curse out everyone else lol) My husband's antenas must have popped up because he called me seconds later to calm me down. "It's the first day of school babe, if anything the buses will be late before they are early." A few minutes later parents started to walk up... Okay.. Now I feel much better I thought... I guess it was sooooo obvious that I was a newbie because I was being stared at as I paced the sidewalk... In five inch heels of course... No wonder cars kept honking lol. The bus pulled up and the doors couldn't swing open fast enough before I snatched my baby who was second to get off up.  "I had a good day mommy! The bus was so fun" he said. Maybe for him DAMN SURE NOT FOR MOMMA BEAR! But we survived none the less! THANK GOD!

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