Single Ladies


Did you dolls catch the season premiere of the new VH1 dramedy “Single Ladies”? I just happened to catch the ending of Basketball Wives and could find the clicker fast enough to change it so I watched….. ehhhhhhhhh,WTF!? First of all, I know the shows scripted but damn… and how many sex scenes does a tv show have to have before its considered porn?  IDK if ill be watching this show next week… What did you dolls think about it?


I'm Back!!!


Kayden Chase Jones

Hello Dolls! Long time…. Guess where I’ve been… THAT’S RIGHT! Having a baby! Im actually blogging from my hospital bed, shame on me.. I should be sleeping but I JUST had to share pictures of the newest addition to the Jones’ family! Another GORGEOUS little boy. He goes by the name of Kayden Chase Jones.  No exciting story about my water breaking in the thrift store and barely making it to the ER before it was time to push… the theory of labor being faster the second time around is completely false in my case… In fact labor was quicker the 1st time around for me lol. I spent most of last week in and out of the hospital having contractions that were 2 and 3 minutes apart but of course my cervix hadn’t moved a lick smh… it began to become very frustrating, I had a c-section already scheduled for the 26th all to prevent constant visits to Labor and Delivery only to be sent home over and over and over again. Castor Oil, walking, extra curricular activities with the husband (wink, wink) still didn’t get the little man amped up enough to come.  But u know what did…. nipple stimulation lol yes that’s right… It works lol So this is what happened..id been having contractions all day.. but refused to go back to the doctors because I just knew they were going to send me home again… not this time I said…. Im not going back to GW until his head is hanging half way out.  My mother and husband insisted I go but call ahead first… so I called and of course they told me to come straight to labor and delivery to be checked… well they checked me and in a week I’d dialated .5 centimeters further than what Id been before (don’t get me started) I was disgusted… I’m one week away from a c-section they better not send me home!!! well as luck would have it the doctor came in and told me that they were going to keep me for 2 more hours and if I progressed hopefully admit me. Okay cool… do u want me to walk I asked? No? How the hell am I supposed to contract sitting still… Ugh again disgusted… so I layed in the bed for about 30 minutes cussing and fussing when the other nurse arrived to give me good news… another woman in possible labor was coming in and since I was a regular I got to spend the remainder of my time in an actual birthing room. YAY! they moved us and shut the door… So I turn to my husband who asks me sarcastically if was contracting knowing damn well that I wasn’t and told him no but he could stimulate my nipples to start them up. Him being all male hopped on that offer like white on rice (I thought it was a myth and found it funny) well… 5 minutes later I had 5 contractions in a matter of minutes…. they were happening so fast and coming so strong that Kaydens heart rate dipped for a second. The nurses flew in to the room in seconds and the next thing I know in walks my doctor telling me alright Mrs. Jones we’re having a baby tonight.  (id eaten prior to arriving at the hospital so I had to wait until 9 pm to have my c-section since it was elective)  well the OR apparently got very busy so my doctor decided that we would just do it the following morning so everything was still done calmly unless circumstances changed…. which they did…. In the middle of the night, my contractions hit again… no nipple stimulation this time… down went kaydens heart beat (not to dangerous levels but enough to have everyone’s attention) and in ran the doctor in scrubs, saying okay change in plans get her prepped we’re going to have this baby now, he wants to come out.  they wheeled me back and at 12:40 my beautiful 7 lb 12 oz baby boy was here. Safe and Sound and ready to be loved by mommy, daddy and big brother Miycah.   Here are a few pictures Smile Enjoy….

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