To Dos!

Being snowed in the house for a weekend can be so much fun! Yesterday I finally painted the hutch that I bought on Christmas Eve fom the Good Will for 30.00 and Darlings.... It looks FABULOUS (I'll post pictures... don't worry! As soon as I purchase a new camera!)  Today I got the urge to bake homemade sugar cookies using my Valentines Day Cutters and my newly aquired piping and flooding techniques! (This should definitely be interesting!) So as I sit down to wait for the dough to chill I begin to look around for projects to tackle next. Out comes the stationary... and the list of To Do's begins!

1. buy new camera!!! (Sadly the old one is no longer with us, O well time for an upgrade any way!
2. Mac Book Hook Up! (Time for a Mac... Cousins know someone!!! Love Love Love hook ups!
3. Dining room set (Good Will) Nuff said!
4. Pay for Buffet, Mirror and Headboard (Ebay)
5.  Find a resonably priced freight shipping company to ship the above items!
6. clear containers... Kitchen cabinet organization
7. chalkboard labels (Etsy) Clear Cabinet organization
I'm pretty sure the list will grow LOL..

o yeah
8. Do something about this blog... YUCK!


Down and Out Chic Vintage Marquise Give Away

I am SUPER excited about the Vintage Marquie giveaway that is going on over on Down and Out Chic's Spot! I never win ANYTHING! I just revieve the calls from the WACK !@# Salespeople claiming that I entered myself into a a sweepstakes and won... UM NOT! ANYWHO Go visit her and say hello http://downandoutchic.blogspot.com/



Been there, done that, got a trophe and t-shirt

Sometimes I take advice and sometimes i give it... Some people just need a shoulder to lean on.. a girlfriend to sip wine with ... and a girlfriend thats on her way with a baseball bat if that crying call is placed to her... Sadly I'm the girl with the bat (Joke) (Okay, not really). In between the crying spells, the laughter, and the plotting I sometimes find myself speaking straight up and down knowledge having absolutely no idea where it came from hoping it will help... But the thing about giving advice is that you have to be strong enough to take your own... and sometimes in order to do what's right you have to do what's hard... Been there done that hunnie got a trophe and a t-shirt to prove it.

"Don't Look at Starting Over as the End of the World.  Look at Starting Over as Lifes New Beginnings. Reinvent yourself, Reestablish yourself, Get to know Yourself. And whatever you do hunnie DON'T LOOK BACK!"

Barbie Jones


Don't you just love when a color goes POP

I have to thank FleaMarketTrixie for this post... Thanks Girl!...I was so stuck on picking an accent color for our room...(It's coming along quite beautifully btw...) All white's and silvers very glamourous just like I wanted but needs that pop of color as well... I was so stuck, it literally took me an hour to find the "perfect" fabric to cover our 5.00 Goodwill  Bedroom Corner Chair... Luckily after fishing through the 60% Off home decor table at Hancock Fabrics I was able to find a platinum Fabric... FAB and looks extra FAB on the  now White chair and the price (2.49) was even more FAB... SO Cudos to me hunnies... but colors, colors... UGH! And then I log onto my blogger to check out my fav blogs progress and images of Turquoise popped in my head like oiled up Chip and Dale dancers.... DROOL!!!!

Look at the colors.... O M G Look at that Headboard....

Note to self... Purchase Foam from Hancock Fabrics before the 50% Sale is over,
Purchase Silver/Turquoise Silk Fabrick and buttons
Purchase Ply Wood from Home Depot
Pull Up Tufted Tutorial on You Tube
and Pray....

Side note.... love the mirrord dressers and side tables that have been popping up everywhere... don't however love the prices... SMH

Decor Pad

Are these not the SEXIEST Rooms you've EVER seen ladies...


There's only room for ONE Diva here Hunny....

As if the Jones household isn't chaotic enough we had to go and get ourselves a puppy...
Okay well, not so much we more me... and dare I say I should have listened to the hubby.

Meet Venus... Newest Member of the Family

Adorable yes... a pain... Definitely...
Mr. Jones says to let her feel things out... because the environment is new and she's still trying to get comfortable...
 For some reason and I'm guessing because of the home she's been in since birth, she thinks she's supposed to be in the bed with us... Our all WHITE BED... Um no boo I bought u ur own plush bed... that's where you sleep doll... I guess she didn't get the memo... Up ALL night crying, scratching on the bed... UGH OMG I wanted to scream... So what does my husband who so didn't want this dog do?... he gets up to go lay out on the sofa... "Where you going?" I ask. His reply. "Maybe if I lay with her on the couch she will stop whining." (WHAT!!! O HELL NO!) and sure nuff MISS DIVA was as quiet as a church mouse... 5:30 AM the alarm I set to take her out goes off... she wants to run and hide...it is way to early for this, I scoop her up, throw her jacket on and carry her down the hall (Yes, carry her down the hall because she does'nt want to walk and is totally not feeling the whole leash situation...) So outside we go for 15 minutes in 15 degree weather and did she pea? Nope... She's supposedly pad trained so she knows not to go anywhere but on that pad..."Supposedly" well guess who made poopies in the middle of my bedroom floor this morning... Nowhere near the damn pad. UH HUH... Can we say HEATED... I don't even want to think about what my bathroom is going to look like when we get home considering the fact that miss diva refused to go potty this morning.... So my day at work will be 100 percent dedicated to the training of Ms Venus Superstar Pup... Because she is not going to be running Brooks Drive... There's only one Diva in my house hunnie... I'm queen B! Noone else.


White Paint

  I love love love all things Glamarous... all things Vintage... all things White....
and what better place than to have a romantic feel then in the Master

and in other corners of the apartment of course!!!
Little by Little, Piece by Piece I've been replacing our current 90s era (Thanks Mom it served its' purpose... really!) bedroom set with furniture that I find here and there on my Good Will visits... When it's finally finished  it will be FAB!

Anyway... Searching on Esty for a vintage mirror with detail scroll like features
 (Like I know what I'm talking about...) to turn into a chalboard
I came across an O SO FAB SHOP!

ADORABLE and INSPIRATIONAL to all my Shabby Chic Lovers
Is it just me or does a fresh coat of white paint just send chills down your spine...

side note... must  purchase crystal knobs for the husbands dresser/tv stand! When I find it!

I absolutely adore this dresser... and especially the knobs!

This would be the perfect size dresser for my husbands... and the flatscreen!



I shop FREE STUFF on Craigslist! Don't you?

At work trying  so hard to not catch the train over to Michaels for lunch... this money is burning a serious hole in my pocket and New Years Resolution #2 SAVE MONEY DAMMIT!

So i decided to browse the Free Stuff on Craigslist... (Hey, Ya Never Know what ppl are giving away...) and what do you know...

I found this adorable, adorable side table..
Owner says its in need of some TLC... Not a problem babe..I'll dress her up real nice! 

Cute Right!? and I know just where to put her!

Our 4 year old is learning to play the Piano, I have no room for this... But mom's garage is very welcoming :) It's prob gone... Who wouldn't want a FREE piano that only needs tuning! Doesn't hurt to ask though!

Okay don't judge a book  by is cover darlings because you know as well as I do that a little fabric and some pillows can turn the hideous into must haves....  well it's FREE and I need a loveseat!

This looks like it has potential... I mean it is FREE

Seriously, I've seen this on a blog before... and when I saw it i drooled...
*UPDATE* It's Gone :(

Who wouldn't want some FREE Brass Candlestick holders?

O I know this is gone... and how becuase I've been looking for one for the living rooms for weeks... and I'm sure I'm not the only one (UGH!)


Back to School

Happy New Year!!!! If I haven't said it already! A decade... can you believe it... 10 years ago I was an eager boy crazed freshman and today... I'm a married mother... Time FLYS when you're having fun AYE?  Crazy scary... I've always set goals for myself and like most I've strayed away from some. Sigh... I always said by the time I was 30 id be married (check) with children (check) with mad money (uncheck) living in LA (uncheck) as a successful something. Most of u know (who am I kidding noone reads my blog lol ) that I model... I always was a dreamer and I always had a backup plan... a degree in Journalism (Yup I'm going to school to be a publicist!) Only one problem! I HATE SCHOOL... The test the stress the homework... takes the thrill and excitement out of the entire experience... I would be excited the beginning of the semester and towards the end UGH.... I made a freaking career out of being a college drop out (LIKE KANYE HE HE) okay not funny to my parents who have PHDs... So I've decided that I am not going to be one of those 30 somethings still doing the same thing they were doing in their twentys... I'm GOING BACK TO SCHOOL JAN 19th! TO FINALLY FINISH!!!! AND EVEN THOUGH IT WILL B HARD... I'll JUST KEEP TELLING MYSELF IN 10 YEARS U'LL B 33....

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