Revamping the corner office at tiffany's

Things to do tommorrow...
1. Stop buy Ikea for organizing containers to clean up shelf
2. Repaint Desk... didn't poly it... one of my first paint jobs... disaster :(
3. Buy Frames for other pictures that will hand on wall...

Have a seat

Excuse me while I toot my own horn right quick... HONK HONK baby! I did it!!!! This chair holds every inch and every beat of my heart!!!! This is my rough draft! I wanted to see if I could do it myself before I paid someone an arm and a leg to do it for me...

Inspiration ......

Chair. 7.00 Good Will
Gold Spray Paint 2.80
Fabric 6.99/yd ( I used one yard and still have more left over for the back!)
Decorative ribbon to cover staples .99

Not bad... Not bad at all for my first upholstering job and this chair WAS NOT EASY!

And now that I know my rush trial can look like this... on to perfecting it for real!


Ms. Keys...

Now I don't make it a secret that I am completely disgusted with Ms. Keys at this point... She Ugh... Different Post Different Day. I However put my personal feelings for her aside for a brief moment to watch her performance rather than get the hell up and leave the room to come back when it was over and she was great... But hunny what the hell made you climb ur big ass on top that piano?? Prince's face!!! They should've freeze framed it! and the twitter feeds lit up! all y celeb buddies at the awards twittering please don't fall... No she didn't... OMG lol giiiiiiiiirrrrrrrllllllll


DOLLS!!!! Let me first say that I enjoyed the BET awards last night! If you haven't seen it yet U NEED TO! I LOVE PRINCE With his Weird self!  GO HEAD BOY! HE IS, ALWAYS HAS BEEN ,AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE SHIT ! His tribute... WHO ELSE BETTER TO SALUTE HIM SINGING PURPLE RAIN THAT PATTI LABELLE YALL! DAMMIT... She kicked them shoes off and SLAYED THE ENTIRE PERFORMANCE!!!! I had to upload the video just for you to see how FABULOUS SHE IS!!! and PRINCE CAUGHT THAT SHOE AND HELD IT IN THE AIR LIKE A TRUE QUEEN! UGH PERFECTION!


Tam and West Elm are Giving it Away!

Tam Styles of Get It Girl Style has teamed up with West Elm for a FABULOUS FREAKING GIVEAWAY!
And all you have to do is be a follower, visit West Elm and make a selection of 100 dollars or Less and blog or tweet about it!

EASY PEASY! And what did I decide to recieve if I'm that lucky winner????


The master needs one!!!! and I love this one! Fingers Crossed!

Secretary Desk

It's been on my mind since I went to the movies to see the Fabulous Sex and the City 2!
 SO I traveled to Cragislist began my search and found this doll for 125.00!
Email Sent! Will she be mine????


Taking Pictures

Aside from this obviously being a public restroom lol... I just had to show off my new dress that my hubby gifted me with! That dress baaaaaaaadddddd!


dresser redo

Meet my baby... I painted her oooooo MONTHS AGO! She was among the first to get a makeover.. when I didn't know what the hell I was doing... Well This weekend I will be giving her a few new coats of paint and poly! I've learned my lesson! PRIMER N POLY! Skip this step n you'll regret it!

I also wanted to cut down from clutter on both my dresser as well as the husbands which by the way is still in my moms garagee waiting to be tackled... Maybe this weekend... Anywho I saw a post on Chiclittlehouse's blog and also fell in love! What a wonderful idea she came up with.. Lining the top drawer with scrapbook paper and using organizing trays to organize make up ect. with. Thanks Girl :)


O and I got ANOTHER Tattoo

Told you I was addicted! Ready for my VS bathing Suit!


Saturday the baby sis graduated from HIGHSCHOOL! And I sure was emotional! I am so so so proud of her! CONGRATS DOLL BABY! DID I mention HOW DROP DEAD GORGEOUS SHE WAS??? Hair and Make up DONE BY ME!


My Rast is It!

Lord I looked at my last publish post which was June 5th and shook my head! Have I been that busy that I
ve neglected one of the things that I love to do most? Well I guess I have! So let me bring you up to speed because I've been a BAD BAD (in a good way of course) Girl.  A few weeks ago Tam Styles posted her daughters rast dresser updo and a few inspirational pics from others and I fell in love! It was already a given that we needed to get night stands, it's just way more convenient to put you shit on your side of bed instead of passing things back and forth in the middle of a great show or climbing overtop eachother (when you don't feel like it) to get phones, ipods or whatever. Off to Ikea I went! I purchased one at a time because I wanted to make sure I loved the way it turned out before I got ahead of myself.  One coat of Poly Stain (Walnut) Two coats of White Satin Paint and Two Coats of Poly to seal the deal. Turned into this! I finished my husbands today! and i decided to go with the silver knobs because the nd rames over our bed are silver! Now to find matching silver lamps!!!

That stain stinks to high heaven but it sure is FABULOUS!


Brilliant Gold

I recently posted about my fabulous Louis Chair that was purchased at a Goodwill for 7.00! I decided that it will be my new office chair! I decided to paint the chair gold and uphoster it with the black and white fabric that I purchased a while back from fabric.com! I purchased Krylons Brilliant Gold SPray Paint from Walmart and got busy... WELL.. First, I didn't like the spray paint... it was more of a copper than an actual gold... This won't do... I flew to Family dollar to purchase the 24k spray paint that I normally use. (I wanted that vibrant gold!) It was hot as fish grease outside yesterday, I shake the can and start to go over the gold that was already there and look at what the hell happened.... It was everywhere! 

I panicked! so i grab a a wet paper towel and attempt to wipe it all and made it worse...
O M G... So off to home depot I went to purchase some paint stripper! (LOVE IT BTW)
I stripped the hell out of this chair lol and decided that the Kyrlon is not THAT bad....
I just couldn't risk going through this again..

and here she is with her first coat! two more to go.. some satin finisher and her material!

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