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Crazy ass pregnant woman makes an illegal u turn in at the middle of intersection!!! When interviewed the accused Barbie Jones answered "i saw the perfect effing chairs on the side of the road and didnt want to give neone the chance to get them." Thats exactly what i woukd have said had id been obtained for the crazy shit id pulled the other day but im sorry do u see how fabulous these chairs r? I needed a chair for our nursery but the girl had two and for 20 dollars i wouldve been crazy to pass its mate up so these r my new accent chairs for the living room. And now ro find fabric
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This weekend while at the dollar store making my normal rounds i peeped these gorgeous champagne colored ornaments. I picked up about 10 packs and ventured home to begin my project. Its turning out quite nice dont u think? This project is tidious despite what they may tell u! Make sure u have ur glue gone near to hot glue each metal piece to the bulb for reinforcment because they will fall off! Seriously, dont rush through this if ur going to do it do it right. I plan to use a chocolate ribbon to finish it off once ive added the remainding balls. So stay tuned! Im also going to begin making these locally to sell! Stay tuned


My baby bump

Who says u cant b sexy preggers on my way to the besties baby shower

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my baby for H&M

                       Trying out my new blogger droid app on my new phone lets see if it works :)
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We're Pregnant!

Yup!!! U read it right! The Jones' are expecting... again. Although we aren't quite ready to purchase our first home just yet, it's time for us to move on to bigger and better things.  Hubby and I have been looking at a few houses in our area that are for rent and are hoping to move into one of them soon.  Our son is almost as excited as we are about the potential move for two reasons, most importantly, big brother won't have to share a room with a crying baby, and two more space to run around and tear shit up! Of course I'm thrilled to decorate! So what's on my mind right now? BABY NURSERIES of course! I stumbled across a FABULOUS site called Project Nursery and fell head over heels IN LOVE!!!! We don't know what the sex of the baby is just yet, wishful thinking IT'S A GIRL! but just our luck it'll be a boy. Either way as long as we have a healthy happy baby we'll be pleased.  I want to be prepared for whatever God decides to bless us with... There is nothing worse then having to get things situated after the baby has arrived, I plan to sleep!  So here are a few of my FAVORITE inspirational nursery photos!


~ It's a Boy~


a Girlfriends Christmas

Thanksgiving isn't even here yet and I'm already axiously anticipating Black Friday and Christmas!!! Every year I send out christmas cards to my family and friends. It's nice to get something cheerful in the mail atleast once a year other than bills, don't ya think? I decided to step out of the box this year and send a little something special to my girls  If it goes well, I may do something different each year.  The first thing I wanted to do was find the perfect card set! (I hate cheesy cards! Give me a splash of modern and fun please!) I ventured off to Etsy and after an hour or two of flipping through the oooo 800 some odd pages I decided that this year, my santa mail will look like this.

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