All Black Everything

I've been COMPLETELY OBSSESSED with black walls and I mean OBSESSED!!!
Since my grandmother is blessing me with her house until wer purchase... for a small fee of course :)
I'm Hooking it up!!!! I can't wait to slap some paint on the walls I orginally wanted a black dining room but now I'm thinking a black bathroom would be EVEN BETTER!

Taking Chances

Sooooo.... I recently was laid off... AGAIN... DAMN DAMN DAMN! I enjoyed working for the company i was employed at but I can honsetly say that my feelings were more hurt because I now have 2 kids to care for and no life savings... What am I going to do??? How am I going to survive??? I know that with my background I can find a job NO PROBLEM and I've been dilegently looking but the question is DO I WANT TO? and honestly the answer is no... I did some soul searching and realized that I like many got stuck in a convenient position of being someones administrative assistant because I hadn't finished school and it put food on the table... Did I enjoy it? HELL NO! Y am I answering someone elses' phone, typing someone else's letter, mailing someone else's mail? You're fully capable! U DO IT DAMMIT! This is my 3rd time getting laid off and I'm OVER IT! I'm OVER working for someone else I'M OVER being expendable! Sooo I sat down and asked myself... "What do I really want to do?????" "What do I enjoy doing????" and then my thrifting pleasures popped into my head! I love thrifting, I love finiding vintage clothing, i love vintage home accessories, I love vintage furniture, it would only be right for me to open a vintage boutique!!!  Now, mind you I don't know the first thing about running a business or even starting one for that matter... and my direction may change 3 or 4 times before I actually put things into place but Life is about Taking Chances.... What do I have to lose??? I can be happy doing something that I love or be miserable settling for a paycheck...



This weekend Hubby and I got tatted! Most couples enjoy date nights at the movies, possibly dinner and drinks we bond by permantly defacing our bodies LOL Sorry I couldn't resist..... 

eheemmmmmmm  Yup he's mine and my lips prove it!!!!

Kisses Dolls


Party with me!!!

Hey Dolls!!!! I'm SUPER excited about tomorrows party! I can't wait to meet the other FABULOUS DC bloggers! I know you're out there so get up early throw on you comfy gear, bring a friend or two and let's shut down the city together!

For those of you who are just finding out about the thrifting party here are the details....

I will be starting my Fabulous day of thrifting off right with a cup of joe at the Forestville Starbucks located directly across the street from Forestville Mall. (3450 Donnell Drive, Forestville) If you purchased an I <3 Thrifting shirt from my fabulous friend Roshon Carraway who organized this nationwide party please wear it and help represent the cause. We will be venturing to the following locations...ready your gps' and  be sure to follow me on Twitter if you haven't done so already for updates....

Value Village Thrift Store- 4917 Allentown Rd Suitland, MD

Value Village Thrift Store- 6611 Annapolis Rd Hyattsville, MD

Salvation Army- 3304 Kenilworth Avenue Bladensburg, MD

Goodwill- 2200 South Dakota Avenue, NE Washington, DC

Goodwill- 4714 Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia

Goodwill- S Glebe Rd, Arlington, Virginia

ALRIGHT NOW DC and Surrounding areas U KNOW NOBODY does it like us! We CANNOT let these other areas show us up! So come on bloggers LETS GET GET GET IT!!!!


and thank you to Sarah and KT for RSVPING!!!


For my office

I love art... but I'm not paying an arm and a leg for it...NO SIR... I came across a shop on etsy and immediately FELL head OVER heels IN LOVE! I'm going to order a few prints for myself..

They're Gorgeous! These are my FAVES!

Twilight Blue- Art Print
Broken Wild - Art Print
Lanvin2 SS/10- Art Print
She has an entire shop full of sexy prints! Check her Out

I'll be adding a few gold gilded frames to the shopping list for Saturday's I 3> thrifting event!

Why I Thrift

There's no better feeling in the world then getting a GOOD DEAL! and this dolls is why i thrift! I'll keep this short and sweet.... A mid century dresser... now a buffet... SOLID WOOD 12 bucks.... It's getting painted... and two brass lamps with lucite bases!4.99 a piece ummmmm YUM! All i need are lamp shades and I'm set. Yup this is why Barbie thrifts!!!!

Don't mind the smudges I haven't wiped her down yet...

Will you be attending the I 3> Party with me this Saturday
Just a reminder... We are meeting at the Forestville Starbucks (directly across from Forestville Mall) at 10 AM.. If you do plan on attending please RSVP to mzbarbiejones@gmail.com and be sure to check for updates on my twitter.. link to the right!



I Love Thrifting Locations

Hey DC DIVAS as most of you know this Saturday, July 9th 2011 I will be hosting the DC Chapter of the I Love Thrifting Event!!! We Will be SHUTTING THE TRI STATE AREA DOWWWWWWWNNNNNNN!!! For those of you who would like to join the crazy Barbie Jones from Start to  Finish I will be starting my thrifting day at the Forestville Starbucks (Across from Forestville Mall) 3450 Donnell Drive, Forestville MD 20747 at 10 AM . If Forestville is too far or you just can't seem to roll out of bed that early we will be hitting up the following locations... Be sure to follow me on twitter, I'll be tweeting on location.

Value Village Thrift Store-
4917 Allentown Rd Suitland, MD 20746 ...
2495 Crain Highway

Waldorf, MD 20601-3168

Salvation Army Superstore
12025 Trade Zone Court

Waldorf, MD 20601-3501

Value Village Thrift Store-
6611 Annapolis Rd Hyattsville, MD 20784

Salvation Army
3304 Kenilworth Avenue Bladensburg, MD 20710

2200 South Dakota Avenue, NE Washington, DC

4714 Columbia Pike, Arlington

S Glebe Rd, Arlington, Virginia - (703) 769-3711

There is an abundance of thrifting locations in our Fabulous Tri State Area and we just may hit up a few more depending on the day, these are the definites! I hope to see you all there :)

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