I ALWAYS smile when I visit my FAVORITE thrift store! Today I actually visited in search of a few items for the “dressing room”, one being a dresser…. No dresser today… I did find some other quite Fabulous items that kept me from feeling like it was a wasted trip… (I’ll share those with you tom.) One of the items… couldn’t have made me happier!!!!! A VINTAGE LEOPARD PRINT BLOUSE! JACK POT BABY! POW… Unfortunately, I waited too long to shoot my why I thrift video… so I’ll try again tomorrow! Until then I found these images of some quite fabulous outfits that were put together with my blouse! ENJOY! HUGS N KISSES!




Via Le-Trix

dark brown Crocodile bag - light brown leopard blouse - eggshell snakeskin pants

Via chictopia



She's FINALLY Pregant! That was a CUTE announcement! YAY B!


Mirrored Tables

I’m going to regret this post… Because as soon as I go to purchase what I’m about to show you… they’re going to be sold out… WATCH! I’m going for the GLAM factor through out the house… Not only have I been addicted to brass I’ve been addicted to mirrored furniture as well.. I always have admired the mirrored side tables sold in Target but just couldn’t bring myself to pay 89.99 a piece for them… How did I get so cheap? Well… it looks like I’m NOT going to luck up and find any lying around in the thrift stores… so I’m going to have to just bite the bullet and swipe the card. sigh…  I visited Target’s website and not only did I find the mirrored side tables that they’ve had FOREVER but dammit they’ve added more to the collection and OMG the prices don’t seem as bad as they were before… THEY EVEN HAVE A FREAKING MIRRORED coffee table.. which is sold out by the way… Not only do i HAVE TO HAVE the mirrored side tables but there is a mirrored console table that I MUST HAVE as well… Now before you run and tell ur friends.. think of me and tell them to atleast save me one until next week lol.

Mirrored Console TableIsn’t she a GEM! uggggghhhhhhhh FABULOUS
That price is thebomb.com for this console table!

Mirrored Coffee TableMirrored Coffee Table…. OUT OF STOCK

Mirrored Pyramid Living Room Accent Side or End Table

Accent table… not really my style.. maybe yours
79.99 ON SALE

La Familia

I’ve gotten a few emails from a few dolls… HEYYYYY DOLLS! Wondering where the hell, I’ve been… and how’s the fam… particularly the baby.. since I haven’t uploaded any pictures since his birth 3 months ago. MY BAD (giggles)… First me… I’ve been coolin’ .. Literally I am in no means rushing to get back to work. UNLESS… it’s for the government, which as most of you know is hard as hell to do. So i’ve been diligently applying and we’ll see… Fall semester at the University of Maryland is in full swing and now I can focus on school and prayerfully hurry up and finish… annnddd I’m in the process of getting my business off the ground.. I know a few of my followers from another blog remember that I planned my ENTIRE wedding from start to finish and I plan all my parties, friends parties…  all that! I’ve always enjoyed it but haven’t had the time to focus on it. Soooo Platinum Glam Parties is underway… more on that later :) So, yeah that’s what I’ve been up to… Now to my 3 handsome boys!

Hubby and I are better than ever !!!

Miycah’s in the 1st grade now…
AND he’s a DAMN good football player…

and Kayden is 3 months.. and a whopping 15 pounds!!!
Smiling and laughing up a storm!


Racks on Racks on Racks

Sorry.. I couldn’t resist… sad to say that’s the only part of the song i know…  O yes… the post…. After googling… if that’s even a word which according to spell check it’s not… how to install closet shelves and rods I decided that the handy woman in my just aint ready to come out yet… I wait for NO man, which means while I’m busy being on my independent woman shit the entire diy closet building would have turned out to be a hot mess.. sorry im honest! Now for u ladies that know how to work a hammer and a miter saw.. GO HEAD GIRL.. but me… nawwwwww I’m good. I looked into the fancy Ikea closet units as well… and they’re just that… FANCY. I’m not paying 500 dollars for something I have to build from the ground up.. So I started thinking about alternative options…. now, if I can get a couple of strong men to install a few rods for me in the room then HEY NOW! If not Clothing racks work just as well :) O BTW… I’ll be taking before pics of the infamous “dressing room” tomorrow, when I visit the house for the first time to paint :) I managed to find a few pics of some very, very chic dressing rooms that have racks in the place of actual rods! U like? Opinions, Opinions!




Cupcakes and Cashmere

All images found via Yahoo search



Yesterday I shared with you dolls some exciting news!!!! Today I’m picking out wall paper for my dressing room! I decided that I want it to be VERY glamorous… I mean it is a DRESSING ROOM after all.. and when I think of anything GLAM Damask Immediately springs to mind.   I’m obsessed with black and gold! and I mean OBSSESSED! I fell in love with these two patterns! the black is soooo dramatic and sexy at the same time and the gold says “let the bitches eat cake” LOVE!!! now to choose! both are from Graham & Brown and both in my opinion are fairly expensive… I don’t know if I want to pay 75-85 dollars a roll for wall paper. What do you dolls think?

Vintage Flock: Black Wallpaper

Desire: Gold-Mustard Wallpaper

Dressing Room

Hey dolls… Some very exciting news… I got laid off my job.. booo… BITCHES… had to move in with my in laws because obviously being 1300s a month to rent a 2 bedroom apartment in addition to the other household bills was just too much for my man to swallow. And even though he’s the man and is expected to stand on the block… take care of his family by any means necessary I just can’t see him kill himself to do so. This is 2011 people… and I personally think that caring for a household is a partnership if you’re in it together… Okay enough of the lecture… Now back to the news.. anywho my grand ma ma had a house in Baltimore that she hasn’t lived in for like 5 years now… guess what? She gave it to us! YES dolls SHE GAAAAVVVEE us her house!  Naturally the creative juices are flowing… so here’s the “T” the house has 3 bedrooms… and from mommy’s told me (because I’ve never been to the house lol ) the closets are small…Well Kayden is 3 months old, he doesn’t NEED his own room yet… is what I said to mommy… so Kayden and Miycah will share and the 3rd bedroom which is smaller than the rest (den) will become the dressing room.  Now I’ve wanted an office since the beginning of time but a place to hold my shit so that its not spilling over everywhere is far more important than having an office that I won’t be in anyway considering that I do most of my best work in the bed… head out of the gutter ppl! I found some FABULOUS dressing rooms to share with you dolls to drool over as I ponder wth I want to go in this thang…


laura vinroot poole domino HC


Images via Yahoo





I’ve always been a HUGE fan of animal print! Particularly Leopard!  Done the RIGHT way it can be soooooooo sexy! I have quite a few pair of leopard print flats that I simply adore! but am currently loving these clutches that have been popping up all over the place and have made it top priority to claim one for myself.


You dolls know how much i live for Kim K!



This is the one I’m drooling over!

Perfection.. I don’t have to downsize my life when I’m carrying her around…

Have you dolls added a leopard clutch into your collection?

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