Going for it...

At what point in our lives do we realize that we may not be doing what were supposed to be doing with our lives? Do reoccurring situations need to happen? Do we need to hit rock bottom? I'm not speaking to the doctors and lawyers or the single woman with no children that has great credit and a plethora of money in the bank. I'm speaking to the woman like myself who may have started a family at a young age, hasn't finished college 10 years later and is stuck in a job that pays enough to get her by but leaves no room for growth.

I'm approaching 30, my husband and I are expecting our 3rd child, were preparing to purchase our first home and I am beginning to have the oh shit moments more frequently. Life is full of lessons, of course there are things in our past that we would like to do differently. But let's face it. Life don't work like that. Effing it up takes a moment, fixing it can take a lifetime.


I've always been the dreamer... There are so many things I'm good at but how do I decide what to go for? I love to lose myself in my writing... Can I be an author? (Started writing a book awhile ago, transitioned in my life, the books storyline was no longer appealing to me, sigh). Should I be a script writer and develop my own show?I lovvveeee styling and decorating, I walk into restaurants and immediately take in the atmosphere, the wall paper, the lighting, the seating, the art. What about decorTing professionally but focusing on restaurants and lounges? I've always wanted to own my own lounge... I to this day incision how it will look.  And chilllllddd I can plan and decorate the hell out of your party! Party planning... Maybe?!

I'm not talking to myself right... Someone out there is with me on this... 

How do you go for it? 



Hello my loves!!!! OOHHHH how I've missed the wonderful world of blogging.
It's been 3 years.. Time fly's when you're figuring shit out huh?!
I hope all of you are well and uber fabulous!!!!

With that being said,

A few updates,

Baby Kay is 3! 
Miycah is 9

Created a new Youtube channel that I will incorporate in my post once I get a post schedule down because more than anything I enjoy having an outlet to be creative on and writing as you know is a passion of mine, PLUS I've noticed that the blogging world has beed a lil dry hunty, WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!???

Oh, and I'm PREGNANT ! AGAIN!!!!! (DUE DEC.27) Let's pray for a healthy and happy baby (WITH A VAGINA)

 Just kidding... 



In the meantime... follow me on the IG 


kisses darrrllllinggs!

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