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A very good friend of mine visited us a few weeks ago.. and took this photo of my family before he left with his FABULOUS new CANON! (SHOW OFF!!!) I just had to share it!!!! O and yesss this is my FABULOUS Living room... wait until you see it in its entirety you're going to DIE! More on that later...
Hubby (he never smiles in pics and I LOVE IT!) My first born, Miycah, and me the chubby thing on the end LOL

Thanks Roshon this picture is FABULOUS!


Wait for it... Wait for it....

No my name is not Crocodile Dundee... I did feel like somewhat of a stalker though... Today dolls was a VERY GOOD DAY... One of my favorite days in fact... 1 being hump day! Yup the weeks almost over dammit! and 2. 50% off VIP Customer Day at value village thrift store. So before I get into the goods let me take you back to last week... During my one of my thrifting visits I came across 2 bamboo chairs... yes a pair or bamboo chairs.... In case you've been under a rock for the last few months let me school you on what a bamboo chair is...

Yup TWO of these...

Did I get them????!!!!
Sigh, NO
Ummmm because the person who priced them was on drug, 19.00 for each chair..

Now for some of you, that may be a STEAL! For me that's highway robbery!
Maybe I'm spoiled but I've been blessed to be in an area where these rats know little to nothing about about mid century furniture and other very very sought after pieces such as this here bamboo chair.. so I typically don't spend alot of money on my items.. I think the most i've paid for a thrifted item was 40.00 and that's because I wanted it BBBAAAAAADDDDD! so newho, I didn't get it :( and It's been on my mind all week long. not to mention i keep running across blogs that have recently featured this chair. It's like they were taunting me. BITCHES! Well Back to Customer Appreciation day... I headed straight back to the furniture.... and guess what was smiling back at me! YES DOLLS My bamboo chair... Someone got hip and bought its mate.. Its all good because I only paid 9.00 for mine! anfd she will sit at my computer, so that my husband can stop kidnapping my vanity chair when he wants to stalk ebay.  And now to pick a color to paint her... O no worries I'll upload pics of her and the other furniture I managed to pack in the back of my truck :)
But for now... A little Inspiration... Now excuse me while I do my Georger Jefferson two step! 

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Why I Thrift!

Hey Dolls! I'm starting a new segment on my blog for those guys n gals who love to thrift and want to share their treasures world!!! Me personally, I enjoy thrifting it's like idk relaxing LOL There's just something about buying a tore down piece of furniture and turning it into a work of art that sends me to my happy place! I also thrift for clothing!!! Ive found the sexiest vintage skirts, pants, blazers, tops, dresses, accessories, n bags for dirt dirt cheap at a few of my favorite thrift shops!!!  I finally got a NEW CAMERA so I'll be uploading more YAY! If you're interested in being featured on why I thrift email me a youtube video, or pics displaying items you've purchased from the good ol thrift store and made your own, (clothing that  you've hooked up to high heaven, furniture you've refinished, a room you've styled with thrifting accessories) to mzbarbiejones@gmail.com.  Hope to hear from you soon! Until then! Here are a FEW items i picked up from my FAVORITE thrift store the other day :)


C'mon Craigslist

Okay Craigslist sellers... Two things to do to piss people like myself off...

1. Not reply to an inquirey
2. Not update your listings

Seriously, If you've sold your shit, great. happy for you! But don't NOT respond to someone who is seriously trying to purchase the item from ... A quick email (sorry its sold) doesn't hurt or or just simply update or delete your listing so that your inbox isn't being flooded about something that's no longer in your possession.

I'm looking for a smaller scale dresser/credenza to replace the credenza that's already in my living room... I've outgrown it and since my living room has been redecorated... Reveal coming soon!!! I want something else... something better !!!! I went to craigslist, which I never do! Having so much luck in the thrift stores there's no need for me to harrass a seller or wait for them to decide when they want to contact me... I found two dressers that I loved...

First up.. a 6 drawer campaign dresser... which I'm sure is gone because it's selling for 20.00
Yeah it's probablly gone... and of course this is the one I'm dying for since ive been on the hunt for one FOREVER!
image 2300971249-0

If the seller decides they just don't want to respond to me at all... then I'll be going to pick this one up!

image 2303339989-1

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