Sissy Goes to Prom

Please excuse me while I have a sensitive moment...
My baby sis went to her senior prom on Saturday...
And I missed it! You can ONLY imagine how teribble I feel...
No flights were going back home on time that day...
But sissy can hold her own and she did a FABULOUS JOB with her hair and make up without me!
She's getting old and gorgeous on me!!!

Mommy and Daddy!!!

Lizzy and her ADORBALE BOO!
Good Job picking this one sissy!!!!


Let Them Eat Cake

Have you seen these? Of Course you have! I've been dreaming about what I would hang in my dining room and call me Crazy But I want this framed in a gold guilded frame (Much Larger Of Course) to hang in the dining room! What do you galls think? The Etsy Artist also makes the Keep Calm Carry On Posters we've been seeing everywhere. LOVE HER . Check her out!


Happy Weekend

It's Friday... and ya wanna know what I'm going to do???

Ciara's New "Ride" Video

I See you BOO!!! U BETTER WORK!!!


U better Work Tony! LOVE Ms. Braxton LOVE HER!



My cousins and two others said that I look like Lady GaGa...

Yes I have a GIRL CRUSH on her! She's Stupid FLY!

I Dunno Maybe the nose!

But then again they have ALSO said I LOOK LIKE Keri

and Mya
and when they r TRYING TO B REAL FUNNY.. ha ha (with my straight face)

Guess that means I'm Pretty :) Cuz all three are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!
You guys R SICK lol! But I love you ANYWAY

Pop Goes the Color and the Color goes Pop

Web Surfing (DecorPad) which colors to incorporate in my new space...
Love Everything Bright and Eclectic
these are so.. hmmm what's the word..?? O yes!



Hmmm Let's see... The PERFECT hardware to go on my new bedroom dresser...
Something that SCREAMS FABUOULS!!!
I know..... CRYSTAL KNOBS...
Definitely a GOOD LOOK
I of course turned to EBAY!!!
Find them HERE
Excellent Prices..

Aren't they Darling! Can't wait to get them!!!

Love a clean white dresser and the crystal pulls just add that extra Glam Factor!

Via Centsational Girl

Let's Paint

I am NO painter.. In fact I'm still learning!!! I found this video on You Tube! Very helpful BTW and wanted to share it... A few of my blog friends have painted several pieces in their homes and their paint jobs are FLAWLESS... So Jealous.. I've been DYING to learn the secret and HERE IT IS!

Barbie's Must Reads

Dolls... My book Came and It is FABULOUS! Published in 1979 It's Amazong how alot of the decor has resurfaced!!!  And Since I know all of my readers (all 29 of you HEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!) are Stylistas and Fashionistas YOU SHOULD OWN THIS BOOK! I purchased mine on Amazon for 5 bucks! What r they thinking??? THIS IS A CLASSIC! A PAGE TURNER.. THE IMAGES... PERFECTION! Every Design Divas DREAM!

Another FAV! That I picked up this weekend from home goods on the clearance rack.. Side note He'd Die if he knew he was on the clearance rack.. I LOVE HIM! and am adding him on my must make BFF list when I move to LA!!! THIS BOOK IS THE TRUTH.. Not that I'm not already FABULOUS! But he gives me more reason to Step my game up!!!

So these are my Must Reads for this week.... Check them out Dolls


Garden Stools

I'm telling you the stars are aligned!!!! So here's a funnr story for you before I actually get into the purpose of today's post! About a month ago I walked into one of my fav best kept secrets (BIG LOTS!) and found and fell head over heels in love with these two white garden stools... Mind you at the time I had NO IDEA what they were or what to call them... I knew they were FABULOUS and that I JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM.. Well, I usually have a terrible problem with Swiping before Thinking... So I held out for a few weeks until I knew where I wanted to put them exactly... I checked on them each time I visited which was quite often... The bad thing is that they were only 20.00 a piece I spend that on make up so why I procrastinated... I HAVE NO DAMN IDEA... When I finally decided to bring them home with me THEY WERE GONE! and I WAS PISSED! To cool off I headed to the Marshalls to sniff out the clearance items (that ALWAYS brightens up my day) and guess what I spotted... YES, THE SAME GARDEN STOOL!!! They only had 1 White one and it was 10.00 more... Still attempting to be smart with my cash I left out the store beating myself up all the way home... I pulled up my blogger and my girl TAM of Getitgirlstyle had just purchased new pillows for her banging ass couch! and what do i spy in the corner.  MY GARDEN STOOL! It was a sign! I could've killed myself trying to grab shoes, keys, and my wallet to rush to Marshalls before it closed to buy the only white stool they had left. I made it and it was mine BABY!!! Well today I got up and told my cousin that I was going to head to Big Lots to see what they were working with... I passed it everyday and was always itching to go in but never did.. .My first Atlanta Big Lots experience BTW! I walked around just to scope out what they had taking mental note of where to come when I needed this and that.. O they have a singer for 55.00 Defintely will be purchasing that!!! and WHAT DID I FIND?? THAT'S RIGHT DOLLS!!! MY GARDEN STOOL FOR 20 BUCKS! It was MEANT TO BE! They only had 1 white one left.. The Mate to my DOLL FACE at home in DC!!!... My cousin was like ummm how are you going to take that back on the plane with you and I'm like o No worries.. I'll just stash it in your closet so that I can just pick it up and take it to the new spot since its RIGHT DOWN THE STREET! lol She's going to kick me out soon her apartment is starting to go from Mediterranean to Fushion because everytime I see something I like I BUY IT!...

This is what my babies look like!!! 20.00
They go for MUCH more than that....
139.95 (ON SALE) @ http://www.homedecodirect.com/ to be exact... TRIPPING


Tam Styles of Getitgirlstyle

Via Decor Pad
Via Decor Pad

Via Decor Pad

Via Decor Pad

Via Decor Pad

Via Decor Pad

Via Decor Pad

Via Decor Pad

Via Decor Pad


I feel like Sunshine and Skittles

It's Spring OF COURSE I want to add bright colors to my space!!!
And these pics Via Flickr and DecorPad make me feel like Sunshine and Skittles!


Happy Weekend

In Celebration of my New ADVENTURES I feel Like DANCING!!!  MY NEW THEME SONG!!!!

Knock my socks off!

Have you visited Knockoffwood ?? If not stop what you are doing NOW and Check her out! Everyday I drool over the furniture that this girly housewife builds!!! SHE'S A BAD CHICK FORREAL! I admire her... Like am in love with her!!! I need a bed BAD But I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on one.. Call me a CHEAP BITCH! Just keeping it 100!!! I pull up my blogger today and someone knocked off her bed plans and the bed looks FABULOUS! I want this bed so so bad for my new place!!!! I have nothing else better to do in Atlanta besides search for Jobs (more on that later) so I might as well take a trip to Home Depot and GET BUSY! LOOK AT THIS BED!!!!

150.00 to make it!!!????

Feeling Froggy... JUMP!!!!
Find the plans HERE


Atlanta... You are IN TROUBLE!

Shame on me.... I've been running around Atlanta like a MAD WOMAN trying to get everything situated for the move... I flew back on Sunday Afternoon for a job interview and figured it would be easier to search for jobs while I'm here so I might as well stay :) Well Ladies... I GOT A JOB! It's something for now!!!! So my day will mainly consist of tying up all lose ends in DC and putting things into place here.. LIKE NUMBER ONE... AN APARTMENT! LOL In between Job Searching and my attempts to rest for My bestie and I found a Thrift Store That is swarming with CHEAP HIDDEN TREASURES.. and GUESS WHAT!? It's literally two minutes away from my prospective residence.... TROUBLE!!!! U DON'T KNOW HOW BAD I AM DYING TO PAINT HER FOR MY BEDROOM!!!!!

40.00 DOLLS!



I can't believe I went an ENTIRE WEEKEND without blogging!!!
I need a quick weekend getaway...
And when I say a quick weekend getaway I mean I literally got up in the morning threw some clothes in a bag called my best friend Akira, picked up my baby sister and drove from DC to Atlanta to visit my old stomping grounds!!!! I had a BLAST with my Family whom I haven't seen in YEARS and my Friends from the sandbox days! It's amazing to be able to say you've maintained friendships for 15 years!!!!! A BEAUTIFUL THING!!! Well guys... I'm back!!!
Did I mention I was MOVING TO ATLANTA in 2 Months!!!!
Talk about Random!
Sometimes you need a complete change of environment to motivate!!!!
Pics from the ride and the festivities to come!!! Until then Pics from our First Outing
Shout out to my homie Genarlow for looking out for us city gals VIP style...
 and sneaking sissy in the club (giggles)
Kisses Gals

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