It’s a Circus!


Well as most of you know already I’m a clown! I was so set on having this very chic baby shower until I found images of circus themed showers and parties and just KNEW it was PERFECT for the hubby and I! Not to mention how CUTE it is! YAY! And so the planning begin.. I swear I felt like I was planning my wedding all over again! And shame on me I didn’t update you dolls on the progress or share ne secrets with you!


First… The inspiration






cake topper




And you already know I thought of no better place in the world to get my invites from than ETSY! AND BRIANNA HOOKED ME UP!!! HOW CUTE R OUR INVITES!?

ummmmmmm VERY!!! 


Sorry I couldn't resist!!! I did a post a couple of days ago about a giveaway that J'Anns Boutique was hosting... and GUESS WHO WON!??? OOOOO Your's Truly! YES Another FABULOUS VINTAGE CLUTCH to add to my collection! MMMMMHMMMMM!!!! Thanks so much J'Ann for hosting this FAB U LOUS giveaway DOLL :)

And She's ALL MINE!


Confessions of a Purse A holic Giveaway


I love giveaways!!!  I recently began following fashion blog by the name of J’Ann’s Boutique…. and Dolls is it FABULOUS! In celebration of reaching 50 followers she’s giving away a vintage clutch!!! AND IT IS FABULOUS! Go Check her out!


Visit her blog HERE



Well... Since I can't really do alot of spring wardrobe shopping I've been focused on spring makeup (hehe) Don't worry once the baby gets here I'll be back to thrifting and spray painting and all that but for now lol Online shopping is my FAVORITE thing to do. Plus as you dolls know my blog isn't focused on one aspect anyway it's very random!!! LIKE ME :) So here are a few on my youtube reviews on some recent purchases... and trust me... I have MORE to come.. Ive been a busy, busy girl :)

Make Up is my medicine Giveaway

Hey Dolls!!! I recently came across a fabulous blog called Make Up is my medicine.  And if you’re anything like me… addicted to makeup products u’ll enjoy following this blog as much as I do.  Today is the last day to enter her FABULOUSLY HEFTY giveaway! Look at all the goods you can win!!!!

EOS lipbalm with SPF 15 in "Lemon Drop"

Sugarpill Chroma lust Loose Eyeshadow in "Magpie"

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in "Innocent"

NYX 5 Color Shadow from The Caribbean Collection in "I Dream of St. Lucia"

Wet n' Wild new 2011 Trio in "I'm Feeling Retro"

NYX Doll Eye Mascara Volume in "Extreme Black"

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Mascara in "Violight"

NYC Eyeshadow Duo in "Island Sunset"

One Dollar Eyelashes false eyelashes (2 pairs)

IPD Asian False Eyelashes (1 pair)

Bobbi Brown Mini "Crystal" Lip Gloss

Kate Somerville Tanning Towelette for Face & Body (1)


  • You must be 18 years old or older to enter, or have permission of your parents!

  • You must be following my blog with Google friend connect

  • You must leave a comment down below with your email address so that you can be contacted in case you win. You may leave more than one comment.

  • You must create a post about my giveaway, including the above picture and a link to my page. Please leave me a comment with a link back to the post as proof.

  • We will ship internationally, woohoo!

  • The winner will be picked at random using the site random.org

Insane right!!!??? Visit Makeup is my medicines’ blog and follow along


Rock n Moms Chic


Hey dolls! So as you may have guessed I’m now in FULL baby mode… getting the house completely in order… donating this, organizing that, setting up this breaking down that…. Those details will come later :) My sister’s baby shower is Saturday and me being the wonderful big sissy that I am strayed away from buying her anything off her registry… It has to be FAB!!!! So, i decided that my gift to her would be a diaper bag… Something Fabulous, Functional and Affordable and then it dawned on me… I need one to.  I came across these super super cute diaper bags on Ebay and couldn’t resist… I D K if you guys have ever heard of Rock n Moms Chic’s boutique but if you’re in the market for a stylish diaper bag that won’t break the bank you def. should check them out.


The image above is the bag that I picked up for my sister…

ADORABLE! It’s so flirty and fun

And mine! Cute but in a grown up this aint my first child kinda way lol

Visit their Ebay Store .


Getting There

I’m FINALLY in a happy place with our bedrooms progress!!!  If you’ve been a follower for quite some time then you know it’s been a journey…  If you live in an apartment like we do my theory is this… Just because it’s temporary doesn’t mean it has to look as such!!!!   As we prepare for the baby we also are getting our home in order… People will be coming and going more often then usual once he gets here and it HAS to look presentable! Soooooooo this dolls is our bedroom so far and I think it’s coming along pretty nicely Smile The lamps were picked up at the GW, as were our night stands (painted white by yours truly) The duvet and pillows came from the clearance section at my local Target! Alright now Smile Ghost Chair is from Ebay! The headboard is my first attempt at upholstering... ive been eyeing the white headboard from West Elm... we'll see...

 I’m in the process of painting my writing desk/vanity and finding a chic way to storage dirty laundry any ideas??? I also need to locate a larger dresser for the husbands items... the flat screen looks FABULOUS on our mid century peice (that you haven't seen yet... sorry lol) but doesn't fit all off his things sooo our oldest son will get it... more pics will be posted soon. Until then it’s getting there…



Size Definitely DOES matter


They got me dolls…. I’ve been GOT! and I’M PISSED!!! So i ordered several items on Ebay this past week… Make Up Pallets, Professional Brushes.. I’m gearing up for spring :) Plus I’m like a make up whore… and one can NEVER have too much make up :)

The first package to arrive was NO package at all! It was a damn manila envelope. Okkkayyyyyyy … I didn’t know what it was, I've ordered so much that I’ve forgotten what to expect and when to expect it… So I'm thinking “What is this? and Why would they package it like this? I proceed to open the envelope and it’s contents. “Oh, its my TOO FACED Shadow Insurance” (an eye shadow base that is applied before your shadows for no creasing, longevity and vibrant colors) But hold on…. Is this a trial size??? Yo these things are SUPER SUPER SUPER small! I paid roughly around 12 bucks and some change for 4 trial size primers??? R U EFFING kidding me!? I’m contemplating whether I want to contact the seller or not… Before I did… I went back to the listing and read it thoroughly to make sure I wasn’t tripping and it did indicate the tubes were .11 oz in size. I believe that there should have been some type of indicator saying that these tubes were not regular size, ESPECIALLY for someone like me, who has NEVER purchased this product before!!! . There were plenty of other sellers that were selling the bigger primers for the same price… I just bought these because I thought I was getting a deal! UGH!!!

What do you guys think? Do you think I should sweat it or just charge it to the game?  Am I being petty?

Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer -anti crease 11g
So this  is the normal size, I thought I was bidding on 4 of these

and this is what I got in the mail




Last night while twisting the hubbies dreads to perfection I caught up on all my DVR’d shows that I’ve neglected for the last few weeks. I’m not happy with the finale of “What Chilli Wants”!!! I was hoping to get a glimpse of Tianna’s wedding and at least find out if Chilli and Lasse are going to become “EXCLUSIVE” nope nothing… at least we know she’s decided not freeze those eggs so maybe there is hope for this HOT ASS Swedish model… Hell Chilli I’ll take him if you don’t want him LOL my husband thinks you’re GORGEOUS so we can SWITCH! POW!!!



Basket Ball Wives Season Finale- My spin on it

Next season they need to change the name of this show... cuz at this point aint ner one of these chicks a wife. SMH This finale had me sooooo hot a bothered that I had to review it on video to truly get my point across... and ya'll know me. I'm going to keep it as REAL as I possibly can. ENJOY! For those of you who watch the show and enjoy alittle drama... tell me what your thoughts are.

Barbie's on You tube

Show of hands.... Who watches youtube for tutorials? Make up, cooking, painting.. whatever? ME, ME, ME, ME!!! Well guess who has a youtube channel!!!! YES! Yours Truly! My long time followers know that I've done a video before attempting to fry chicken, a mess LOL Id promised to start doing more but my laptop met its match with the pavement and hasn't quite been the same since... BUY THE INSURANCE Y'ALL! I FINALLY got a new lap top with a FABULOUS HD web came.. that I'm still learning how to use but would love for my fabulous followers to check it out :) Just like my blog I'll record any and evrything to my hearts content... thrifting adventures, painting, burning food lol makeup hauls and tutorials ALL LAT! I may even take request... keep it clean ya'll imma married woman (giggles) Just kidding! Sooooooo without further or do! I present to you my first youtube video on my channel.. o wait before I do.. DISCLOSURE! if u visit my channel and it looks a little dry that's because I haven't figured it out yet lol and this video aint fancy cuz i haven't figured that out yet either lol. OK so now the moment you've all been waiting for :)

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