High Five for 2011

2010 was a good year Aye? Yes in deed it was... What I'm most thankful for is being able to share it with my family, good friends, and my wonderful followers!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! We all have to start somewhere and I'm glad that I have you to share my journey with!!! 

In 2011 I'm looking forward to...

1. A new healthy and happy baby boy
2. A new home
3. Blogger Meet and Greets (That's right dolls... Get ready... This handful is tagging along in 2011!)
4. My Degree compliments of my J-O-B
5. Kicking my PR Firm off!!!

I can't wait!!!
Have a safe and wonderful Happy New Year Dolls!!!!


Bringing Home Baby Pt1

And now... The moment you've all been waiting for!!!!! It's the end of the year yes? Yes! Meaning EVERYBODY is donating something... Ummm Hello Tax Write Off!! So if you haven't cleaned your closets out now would be a good time to do so... Someone in The Greater Southeast was showing off when they were donating hunnie! I want to go to their houses and see what replaced the treasure they trashed... seriously! MID CENTURY FURNITURE EVERYWHERE! Credenzas, hutches, side tables, wing back chairs, coffee tables... and the best part is that there was so much stuff, they HAD to price it dirt damn cheap to make room for the other stuff to come in! THRIFTING HEAVEN! Let me tell u.. If we had our house and I wasn't saving my money for our Miami trip I would have bought every peice of furniture on that floor JUST BECAUSE!!! I didn't get crazy... even though I wanted to.. I did however manage to leave with the reciept to a BEAUTIFUL BUFFET to replace our hutch and a mid century armoir!!!! Dolls... 80.00 for BOTH!!! And Both are in Tip Top Shape!  Way to kick off the new year right!!!!?? MMMMMHMMMMMM My truck would only transport one at a time so today's post will be dedicated to my sexy armoir!!!! I'm off to Home Depot to purchase paint for this bad thang here!!!!! Stay Tuned for My After... and Part Two of Bringing Home Baby!

Let's Drool Shall We???!!!

and SOLID WOOD.. This thang was HEAVY!!!!!



Another Huge Thrifting Success!

The thrifting stars were aligned and today was a good damn day to be me! I had a massive migraine today and a few vacation hours to blow before the end of the year so this mommy to be opted to stay home and rest it out. I started feeling better so I thought it would be a good idea to take a ride to the thrift stores and see what kind of goodies they had today... O M G Jack Damn Pot!!!! I left up out of there with three full bags of goodies minus 30.00, hopped in my truck and made my mind up to head home..I'd seen all there was to see today.. For some reason instead i ended up at the GW... AND DOLLS!!! I'm so glad I did :) That's a post for Tom. so be sure to stop by and see why!
This weekend Barbie Jones has a date with a few cans of white spray paint.. that's right pregnant and all with my face mask on!!!!

Milk glass lovers.. Look at what I found!!! and if it was 15.00 it would have came home with me!

Picked up a few candlesticks to slap some paint on real quick :)

Exhibit A

 mmmmmmmmhmmmmmmm! FABULOUS AREN'T THEY!!!! Remodelholic did these babies
I LOVE Bowls!!! And when I say LOVE i actually mean... I'm secretly obsessed with them!!!! There are quite a few for jewlery and what not on my bedside tables... and My hubby even uses his :) This bowl is actually larger than it looks in the photo... I had to have it because I have a smaller one JUST LIKE IT!

I've learned to thrift with an OPEN MIND! I know a few ppl were giving me side eyes when I was oohing and aaahhing as I picked up Barbie's horsey and that tiger cup but what they don't know is that with some white spray paint.. hunnie a little goes a long damn way! POW
Exibit B

Leah at The Way We Are shows us just how fabulous a neglected horse at the GW can be!

Told You! Yeah. She's THE SHIT!!!

As we see here... another FABULOUS bowl, a stocking holder... and brand new christmas festive hot plate holder from create and barrel... a wooden leaf (may hold a few candles) and.. what's that??? YES HUNNIE! VINTAGE STERLING SILVER SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS!!! DAMN! for 1.91 I cannot WAIT to get my polish out!!!!  
 O and have u guys seen those movies where the snake charmer plays the flute and the snake comes dancing out??? That's what that thing in the back reminded me of lol I grabbed it just because it was different. White Paint!!!!

A PICNIC Basket... Did I need it? uhhhhh No.. Will I use it? Probably not. Or who knows I may wanna pack a fat girl lunch to go watch my hubby play foot ball...

And last but NOT least! My Vintage Sterling Silver Mirror :) This was the most expensive goodie I picked up today... It was 6.00 and I ALMOST didn't get it! I've been wanting one for quite some time but didnt want to pay 30.00 for the cheap looking ones i've seen at numerous places... so this for me was a GREAT buy . Not only have I been wanting it... IT'S VINTAGE!!! SILVE POLISH!!! YUP SHINE BABY SHINE!

Well Dolls that's all!!! Are you itching to hit your thrift stores up today? Go ahead!!! U still have time!!! Until Manana!!! Don't forget to stop by and check out my BIG BIG Surprises tom :)

Kisses Dolls!


Ipad Fab!

I've been wanting an Ipad for a long time.... I just couldn't get passed that steep ass price that goes with it. I went to my favorite place and used the technique my hubby taught me (literally wait until the last 59 seconds and bid!) and won a FABULOUS 16g Ipad!!! The price isn't much cheaper than what it would've cost me in the store but luckily the seller agreed to work with me so that I could send a couple of payments!!!! Good to see people are still in thier holiday spirit mode :) THAT probably wouldn't have flewn two months ago HEHE... I hear that the Ipad takes blogging to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!! I'm excited about the Moodboard Pro and Photolayout Finger Design Apps... Yes I did my homeowork :) Do any of you own an Ipad? What do you LOVE about it!!! How do you use it?

Well.... our Ipad needs a case doesn't it????? I think I'll get these :)


My Brush Bad

I LOVE decorating my home with nick nacks in unexpected places...I always come home from a day of thrifting with odds and ends to stick on a stack of books in the living room or wherever else seems fit in our home. I've seen calligraphy brushes in quite a few places and have admired them but haven't been lucky enough to find one lying around in a homegoods or newhere else for that matter... I did however find a few that have my heart on Etsy and Ebay! Have you seen these?


A Tribute to Teena Marie

I still am at a loss for words... Teena Marie... Such a talented talented musician. 
God is calling all of the great ones home...


Big News

Today I'm a little over 16 weeks preggers... 
How I'm feeling ...GREAT!  How I'm looking.... Sexier than EVER!!! Thanks to My Love...
Who has been super super super supportive, attentive and understanding through out the process thus far...
thanks Mr. Jones.. I knew there was a reason I married u ;) U're ALRIGHT WITH ME!

O and BTW

Wave to Mr. Kayden Jones!!!



I’m in the process of redoing our Master Bedroom… This is the picture that started it all… Remember the lamps I found at the Goodwill a few weeks back…. hmmmm PERFECTION! Can’t wait to reveal it!!!
Stay Tuned.....
Image via Decor Pad



I was curious about another red that wet n wild had to offer... o they have quite a few... so i purchased it on a whim... SUCCESS

Shades of Red

Red Lipstick.... Let's talk about it!!!! I love my red lipstick like the next girl but realize that every shade doesn't suit me... As much as I'd Love to be a Hollywood Starlett let's face it Crimson and Fire Reds aren't my thang... Now, if only I can get the rest of my sistah's to grasp that... I can't tell you how many fair skinned chicks I see on the subway in the morning with BRIGHT RED lipstick on. My husband as EVEN said Just because you're a redbone doesn't mean red's ur color. Now, if a man notices that says somthing LOL Notice I used the word CHICKS and not WOMEN.. I say that because its always either the younger girls 18-21 and maybe a few closer to my age, but once you reach 25 and older you understand the importance of visiting your local Mac Counter to try a few out....  With a baby on the way and the holidays right around the corner I've decided that my Bi Weekly Mac splurges must calm down for a while... So I cheated... I went to my neighborhood Mac that I visit quite often and told my makeup artist I wanted to try a chic red this winter.... Of course he looked at me like I was crazy because he knows I'm all about my barbie pinks and nudes! After a few test runs resulting in stained lips and hands we found THE ONE!!!! It makes a statment that doesn't say look at this DAMN CLOWN! ULTRA CHIC! and it's Satin!!! MY FAVE!!!!! I didn't purchase it this time like I normally do! I took a sample and ventured to CVS where I found Wet n Wilds New lipstick collection!!! HAVE U SEEN IT? GIRLS!!! ITS AWESOME REALLY! Not only did I find a similar Red to Macs but they had my nudes and pinks as well...! I'm the type of gal who has to have more than one of something that I one LOVE it and two find it reasonably affordable! So not only did I purchase my red but I purchased a few others as well ;) Are you ladies daring enough to wear red lipstick? Have you tried Wet n Wild's new collection? If NOT u SHOULD!! They've really stepped their game up :)

Added these to my full grown collection!!!!


And Barbie's NEW RED LIPS were a HUGE hit at work!!!! Gotta Love Compliments!
 They Always Put a big pretty smile on my face!!!

Here are a FEW of my FAVORITE Fashionista's in their shades of red!

Rihanna.. OF COURSE




As they say... all good things must come to an end and ikea's furniture durability is no different... mu husband broke one of the drawers on his rast dresser. Grrrrrr.... Luckily I had extra nightstands that I thrfited and painted this summer lying around the house.  Those plus my new lamps.... perfection.... Don't pay attention to the unmade bed.... Laundry Day... And now toooo tuft my DIY headboard... OOOO I haven't showed you guys the master update yet... Have I? O that's a post for another day :)


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ill take those! thank u!

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I stopped in the Good Will to Browse. I've been neglecting this Good Will for quite some time and I didn't think anyone noticed... But they did! It's sad LOL As soon as I hit the door, "Hey girl where you been? OMG You're KNOCKED UP! (That's how show affection and excitement around here LOL) I walked around grabbing this and that and that and this and something told me to go over to the lamps... I NEVER find any decent lamps at this Good Will, well, I won't say NEVER because I did find some cute lamps for our bedroom a few months back... okay ALMOST NEVER... Soooo I walk over there and spot THESE!!!! Dolls, the feeling I got when I saw these babies was ALMOST better than sex! I didn't even look at the price I just snagged them up and put them in the cart before anyone else could... Then, I look up at the top shelf and find TWO lamp shades that I ADORED! Damn... Who donated these??? I shook my head and snatched those up too... I put them both on the lamps just to make sure they fit and WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!!??? THEY DID!!!! HOT DAMN! DOUBLE SCORE!!! I NEVER can find good lamp shades!!! I'm still trying to find some to fit the lamps in my room... UGH!!! So anywho I get these babies up to register... Right behind this woman who piled all this shit up in her cart just to put most of it back HATE that and said Oh, I need to make sure they work.... I called Ms. Lorane over there and she plugged them up and both indeed worked! and WELL!!!!  The lamps were 10 each... UMMM HELLO STEAL and the shades were 10 each... Ummmm Not so much... Sooooo I used my charm and ended up getting them for 5 in addition to getting FREE stuff... LOL See what happens when you frequent your good will and have a FABULOUS personality! PPL JUST LOVE ME lol and here they are!!! SEXY AREN"T THEY? I think so!

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