The Finds…

My girlfriend and I spent the day shopping yesterday and had a WONDERFUL TIME! Target and Home Goods had some pretty cute things @ pretty cute prices!!! I think I’ve gotten a little too comfortable with my local thrift store because I see something in the store pick it up and end up putting it right back down because the price just aint right… Well, no I take that back… that actually might be a good thing because I’ll spend a whole lot less and save a whole lot more.  Just some quick photos I snapped from my phone of everything I was eyeing and will most definitely be on the look out for at the GW!



Exhibit A and B
The white and blue striped vase had my heart… as did the pedestal table!!! and they bother where on sale..

Exhibit C
LOVE LOVE LOVE the two finials in the front and the two vases in the back


Exhibit D
Look! a miniature David like my large bust in the living room!!! and a lady like the one that sits on my desk! (that I paid .50 BTW)


Exhibit E
I was feeling these plates… in fact… I think I may go back and get them



Exhibit F

If I hadn’t bought that candelabra the other day I swear I would’ve bought these for my dining room. SIGH


So passing all this up what did I leave the store empty handed??? OF COURSE NOT.. What did I manage to take home with me?
Hmmmm… Come back tomorrow and see!



Pops of color

Today is a very, very slow day at work… with the snow and all… not complaining… I actually should be taking advantage of the silence to focus on my HW but I couldn’t help but to flip through my inspiration folder. I have a few projects that have been sitting since this summer because I refuse to paint anything else black or white !!! I’m all about pops of color this spring and these are my fave thus far!

A Gorgeous Shower…

Tired of hearing about babies yet?

First a how I look and feel update…

one word FABULOUS! We’re at the half way mark! FINALLY So it’s time to kick things into gear… Which means this won’t be the last baby post…  HA! :)

So for the past week I’ve been completely focused on all things baby shower! And Yes… I’m planning my own shower… Why? Because no one throws a party like I throw a party!  I’ve finally come to terms with having another boy… I mean don’t get me wrong… Tonka trucks are fun and all but I’m a girly girl… I don’t know the first thing about sports and I was looking forward to tea parties, and tutus and tights :)

And so began the inspirational search with three very important key terms in mind…Very Chic, Very Fabulous and Very Affordable
After hours and hours of intense searching I’m sold on.. well I’ll let the pictures do the talking…




Images via the sweetest occasion

I’m inspired by this shower because it’s simple and absolutely GORGEOUS! But most of all it shows that a baby shower brunch for to honor a mother carrying a bouncing baby boy can still be feminine! I’m going to have a blast in the thrift store!!! As many milk glasses as I see in one visit are you kidding me!!!!!

More images to come…
Ta Ta Dolls!


Mini Bar

Have you ever heard of Curbly.com…??? I stumbled across a few posts while searching for baby shower invitations and I just had to share this!

Our vintage wooden bar, before we did anything to it.


created at: 10/28/2010

I'm loving the bold look of black and white chevron pattern and want to combine this secondhand dark wood cabinet with a chevron pattern to create my own Mad Men-style bar.

Chevron patterns are my inspiration for this makeover.

To create a chevron paint finish you'll need:

Supplies you'll need for this project.

To get started, lay out your drop cloth in a well lit and highly ventilated area. Next, tape up the edges of your painting surface, making sure to get every spot you want to keep clean.

Tape the edges of your painting surface

Once your piece is taped where needed, start painting a thin, even, first coat of your base color.

Allow this first coat to dry, add a second coat. Add a third if needed, just be sure you do thin layers to keep the surface clean and even.

Apply a thin, even coat of paint.

Take your cardboard and cut out one piece that is the width of the canvas you are using (mine is the cabinet doors) and one triangle. Make the triangle the size you want your chevron pattern to be. Mine is 6.25" x 9" x 6.25".

Create a chevron pattern in cardboard.

Using the triangle as a mini-template trace over it with a pencil all along the width of the cardboard piece. Cut it out and this will be your template for tracing your first pattern line onto the cabinet.

Cut it out and this will be your template for tracing your first chevron pattern onto the cabinet.

Hold up the cardboard template and press it tightly against the cabinet. (Tip: Check yourself with a ruler to make sure the zig-zags are evenly placed.) With a pencil, trace the zig-zags and carefully tape along the pencil line. DO NOT TAPE until completely dry.

When the first line is all across the cabinet, take your cardboard template and tape along the zig-zag line.

When the first line is all across the cabinet, take your cardboard template and tape along the zig zag line.

Cut along the taped line; this will be your template. Hold the new template up along the taped zig zag line on the cabinet. With a pencil, tape along the new zig zag line. Do this until you have the entire cabinet filed with a penciled chevron pattern.

Tape in between each pencil line until the entire cabinet is a taped chevron pattern.

Tape in between each pencil line until the entire cabinet is a taped chevron pattern.

Tape in between each pencil line until the entire cabinet is a taped chevron pattern.

Paint the un-taped surface glossy black. This will take a few coats, so be patient.

Paint the un-taped surfaceglossy black

Once fully dried, carefully remove your painter's tape and touch up any areas that need it. Add a hook onto the interior of your cabinet door to hang a bar rag on. You can even add these wine glass hangers if you want.

You can even add these wine glass hangers if you want.

Stock your bar to perfection and you'll have a fabulous destination for you and your guests come 5 o'clock cocktail hour.

The tutorial can also be found here




It’s an ADORABLE idea that I think I may channel for our home since I’ve one… been dying for a bar and two… have a piece in my home that’s been waiting to be painted FOR LIKE EVER!!!!!


Stylish Blogger Award

Mr. Goodwill Hunting
I am flattered to have been nominated for the Stylish Blogger Award by one of my favorite bloggers on the block Mr.Goodwillhunting !!! This is the first time that I’ve ever been nominated for anything in the blog realm and the fact that he thought of me means A LOT! Thank You Thank You Thank You!
Sooooo…. I’m supposed to write 7 things about myself and pass the award on to 10-15 recently discovered blogs.
Here we go!
1. 3 years ago (before I was introduced to the wonderful world of blogs) I wouldn’t drive past a thrift store… now you can’t keep me out of them…
I’m completely addicted.
2. My nickname growing up was Olive Oil.. No, seriously… I got teased all through school for being tall and awkwardly skinny.. despite the fact that I ate everything in sight…I couldn’t play ball so I became a model.
3. I spend my weekends curled up in the bed watching Hercule Poiroit, Sherlock Holmes and Cary Grant movies. 
4.  I’m addicted to Hot Tea.. actually, all the women in my family are.
5. My favorite season is fall…
Vintage Blouses, and Blazers with pencil skirts, tights and booties!!!! Need I say More
6. I’m afraid of the dark.
7. I’m lost without my pink lipstick, blush, and Chanel Mascara
and now… here are my nominations for the Stylish Blogger Award
1.  Beau Lifestyle.
 6th Street Design SchoolDELASTYLEHouse of Smith\Aubrey + Lindsay\Knight Moves 
Just a Girl
flourish design + style
10 RoomsA Delightful Design


Gimme Gimme Gimme

I need to share some SERIOUS FIRE with you all today!!!! I told you the other day that Barbie Jones rocks hard with Black and White this season right…???

I found a blog through a blog the other day… don’t u LOVE when that happens???!!! and It’s absolutely FABULOUS!!! The name of the blog is bijou and boheme. Have you heard of it? You probably have.. Figures… I’m always the last to know
about something Winking smile  … anywho… Christine of bijou and boheme posted some chairs that had me green with envy…
b & W chair 2
I would sell my soul for those chairs… that table… the lamps…. Sexy on a stick! I’m telling u!!!!!!
Now.. More hotness of the day
Mr.Goodwillhunting I know you’ve heard of him before… I’ve mentioned his Fabulous self quite a few time!!! He loves Black and White as well!!!
I need these towels in my life… My bathroom is seriously DYING for these towels yall!
Candelabra.. ummmmm helllo!!!!! Yes! I need one of those as well!
You ARE seeing what I’m seeing right?????

I’m done… these post just made my day!




THIS JUST IN... Raven thinks she looked better with a little bit of weight on her....
 She doesn't like all the attention she's been getting...

Really Raven..... Really!!!???

Is she serious??? Has she seen herself???? Maybe she's not used to all the attention.. Who knows...
but Hunnie.... You look Pretty Damn Fabulous if you ask me!!!

There's my two cents....


The Crib

So my husband calls me at work today, and our conversation went a little like this.

Him": Hey Fat Girl.
Me: “Hey”
Him: “What are you doing?”|
Me: “Expense Reports.. and apparently I have some other things to finish by tomorrow as well.
Him: Sounds Fun… LOL
Me: "” That’s not funny Derek!”
Him: “Yeah, it is”

and brief pause…. followed by:

Him: “Shit!!!! We need to start shopping for the baby”
Me: “I thought we said we were going to get all of his shopping done while we’re on vacation next week.”
Him: “yeah, his clothes… he still needs a crib,stroller, car seat…”
Me: “O damn. I’ll start looking… I’m sure we can find something nice on overstock.com or somewhere.”

See why I married him!!!!??? He’s ALWAYS ten steps ahead of the game… Now how in the world did I completely forget that the child I’m carrying has no furniture, no car seat, no stroller, nothing!!!  what so ever????

Luckily… I knew what I wanted… so finding the crib wasn’t a problem! One thing marked off the list that I’m going to make on the train ride home from work this evening….. Big Sigh of Relief!



Gulliver Crib

and now to pick out bedding…..

Barbie's Must Reads

I saw this book at Urban Outfitters!!!! It's on the top of my must have list!!!

Along with these...Also Available @ Urban Outfitters

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New @ Z Gallerie

Wanting… Needing…
Lately I’ve really been feeling white and black with pops of this and that!
Barbie’s Z Gallerie Picks..

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