Bringing in the New Year with a little Glam.. 4 Thrifty Outfits

Well dolls… Christmas is over… Crazy right?! This year my husband and I will be hosting a cocktail party for a few of our close friends.  Whether you’re staying in for the evening or stepping out for a night on the town, being FABULOUS is a MUST for New Years Eve and NOTHING screams FABULOUS louder than sequins! The more the better!!! The Thrift stores are great places to find statement pieces that are both AFFORDABLE and UNIQUE… There’s nothing worse than being at a party full of females who have the same FOREVER 21 or HM dress as you.

I was lucky enough to purchase a brand new and very vintage sequined “little black dress number” from a  Thrift Shop I visited in my new neighborhood a few weeks ago for 9.99.

The images below were found on ETSY but items such as these and more can be found in your local thrift shops, consignment stores, Goodwill’s and Salvation Army’s.

When thrifting remember these important tips.

1. Think outside of the box. If the blazer’s too big, add a belt or take it in. If you love the skirt but not the length, make it shorter, if the buttons aren’t you’re style but you love the concept… change them. and so on and so forth…

2. Shop smart.. the main purpose of thrifting is for the bargain, if the price tag is too steep for your liking, either talk them down or leave it there. Only you can determine what you deem to be expensive for a second hand item.
Here are 4 thrifty and very simple outfits that can be put together just in time to count down to the big 2012

Outfit #1
Which is very similar to the outfit I will be rocking for new years.
Pair a Vintage form fitting sequins dress with a sexy blazer (HM has the best blazers!!! Affordable and fit to a T) and some sexy heels and your’re done… If it’s cold in your area as well adding a pair of black sheer tights with sexy designs trailing up the back of your leg can be a great addition as well.

Outfit #2
Treasures such as this sequined blouse are always hiding on the tackiest racks that you wouldn’t look twice in the direction of so. This piece speaks for itself and doesn’t need anything else to help it stand out… pair with a pair of liquid leggings (or plain if you don’t own a pair) an oversized clutch and  spike healed booties.

image  imageimage

Outfit # 3
I love rocking blazers and leggings especially liquid leggings.. they accentuate your shape so well (this is when those squats pay off! POW) Pair a sexy sequined blazer or bolero with a plain cami/tank, liquid leggings, statement pumps and a clutch an you’re good to go!


Outfit #4  
You can almost always find a black sheer flowy top at your local thrift stores at a great price.  Go a size up for the sexy oversized look. I love to wear black, red or leopard print bras undermine for a little sex appeal. Paired with classic black leggings (which we all should own..) an oversized clutch and killer shoes and this outfit is sure to turn heads..


Remember dolls we don’t have to do too much.
. just enough will get us noticed ...
when it’s done right.


Merry Christmas from the Jones'


Christmas around our house


Addicted to Smoke


I’m addicted to the very sexy and sultry brown n black smokey eye.


Tutorial on the way for my beauty queens!




I know… I know… I do a blog post and then disappear for a month or two and then do another.. it’s a pattern  but seriously, I plan on getting back into the swing of things on both my blog and Youtube channel! It’s therapeutic, not to mention it'll help with the promotion of Platinum Glam Parties, and Platinum Glam PR my babies. HEYYYYYYYY

ANYWAY… I’ve moved into my house! And lord… is it a WORK in PROGRESS but It’s soooo much fun being able redo EVERYTHING! It’s coming along nicely and as a blogger I like to see progress from start to finish, not just the pretty home tour… I mean damn if you are a DIYer can’t you show us how u did it yourself? Soooo with that being said, I have a long, long list of things to do around my adorable baltimore row house. one room at a time… The first “BIG” project I’ve begun to tackle are my steps… I’ve always wanted black and white steps… but never knew how much work I’'d have to put in to get them. No seriously I’ve been painting those damn steps since Wednesday, it’s Saturday and I’m still not done…. actually the steps aren’t the hardest part.. it’s the railing and that is nowhere near done… mostly because I’m trying to figure out HOW IN THE HELL to paint the other side of the unreachable trim… GRRRRR… I wanted to give up soooo bad, but it was too late so the only thing I could do was think about the ending result and pray that my painting skills got me there….

So dolls…. this i s what my stairs look like today and they are NOWHERE near done…. I actually have to do them over… SHIT ANOTHER WEEK! why!? because I rushed into them and forgot to prime sooooooo when I put that handy dandy painters tape down to start painting the black… guess what happened.! Yep… SMH

Stay Tuned…


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