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I LOVE GIVEAWAYS! Materialgirl has teamed up with CSN to gift one lucky winner (couch, me) a 35 dollar gift card! Who couldn't use that? Check her out now! She's a doll!

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Mine all Mine

Aint nothin like a VINTAGE GUCCI!!! AND SHE'S ALL MINE!!!!! YAY!

Yup! Thanks Ebay!

Arts n Crafts I LOVE IT!

Halloween's Coming!!!!!! I deck the house out, carve the pumkins, get Hokus Pokus and the freight fest marathons ready and start planning the party!!!! Most of my DIY (Cuz I'm crafty ya dig?) projects come from MARTHA!!! She's THE TRUTH! Watch her on ON DEMAND, What she does with PUMKINS is PURE ART! Today I was browsing through my reader and ran across these Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Luminaries that notjustdecorating made and was immediately inspired to make my own!!!! Super excited to get home and grab the double sided tape!!! Check out her blog! She's uploaded som free pics for you to create your own as well :)


Upholstered Headboard Take 3

I had been itiching to DIY an upholstered headboard for our bedroom for quite sometime... Before I went back to work I finally did it... all i needed to do was add the nailhead trim for the finishing touches... Well.. after about two weeks I just wasn't feeling the velvet, choclate brown material because our room is mainly white and silver. (My husband talked me into purchasing it to match our rast night stands...and like a dumb ass, I listened lol) So back to hancock fabrics I went... this time with white on my mind (thanks to Kourtney and Khloe take Miami) I purchased a faux white leather fabric and took it home to add it to the already covered plywood. It was FABULOUS! Again all I needed was the nailhead trim and it wouldn't have been "IT!" I went away for the weekend and came back home to greet my hubby who was propped up against the headboard in our bed playing his XBOX . I leaned in to give him a kiss and to my damn dismay.... faded blue stains all on his side of the bed... I flew to the bathroom to grab the bleach, scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and it still didn't come off... He thought it was funny.. I didn't! "If you know that your doorags fabric bleeds y in the world would u lean up against my headboard with it on?" His reply... "Noone told you to make a WHITE headboard... So back to the drawing board... I haven't been able to find any fabric that I was just completely smitten by in the stores so my only other option is to shop online... This time I'm going grey... I am in need of second opinion....Here are the fabrics that I'm leaning towards at the moment... Tell me what you think.

Medium Weight Linen Charcoal


Rhino Outdoor Silver

with this nailhead trim


Something out of nothing

Can someone please tell me what the big damn deal is about Katie Perry's outfit... Parents can be so petty... Its Sesame Street.. That means your child is from the ages of 1 to what 6... Do you really think they are focused on how much skin is shown?

I'm a Winner !!!

Today is my lucky day dolls! As you know I've been in the market for an Iphone for quite sometime! I had my heart set on the new 4g but have been advised to wait a while until the "kinks" have been worked out. Okay, No problemo... I went into Best Buy (Turned all the way off) yesterday to pick up the laptop I purchased online and decided to browse the phones while I waited for the one multi purpose line went down some. My biggest pet peeve in life is BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.. If you don't like your job THEN GET ANOTHER ONE! UGH! I didn't even bother to ask the jerk to pull the phone out of the case so that I could buy it because he was JUST THAT RUDE. So today, I logged onto Ebay and figured I'd try my luck bidding on a 3g. I didn't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money, especially for a used or refurbished phone so I set my limit at 250.00( For me that's a good damn price for a phone, ESPECIALLY a fairly new IPHONE) Well guess what!? I WON IT for 211.50 HEY NOW! I'm super Excited! I finally am an IPHONE OWNER!


Put a Cork in it!

I've been on my Mid Century kick for quite some time now! Obsessed would be the appropriate term to use. It's no secret that the best places to shop vintage are your local thrift stores and because I'm a frequent visitor I'm almost NEVER disappointed.  I don't know whether the residents of Prince George's County Maryland have caught on or not (Apparently Not) but the peices I've been finding lately would send any designer or lover of all things fabulous,vintage and authentic in a frenzy.  The things people just give away... SMH Anyway... I visited one of my many favorite thrift stores in search of some cute, vintage,skirts, blouses and blazers to wear this fall and thought it wouldn't hurt to take a stroll down the furniture ailse just to LOOK (I don't need ANYMORE furniture!) And OH MY GOD! A cork lamp!!!! for 14.14  -25% for the membership (and uh yeah, I'm a member!).I saw one in homegoods a few months ago and loved it... but I was not about to pay 50.00 for it...Of course the 50.00 homegoods lamp isn't comparible to my newest find.. How does the saying go? "They Just Don't Make Them Like They Used To." I've heard mixed reviews about the cork lamps but I'm IN LOVE!

Please Excuse the poor quality of the pictures... I was so excited I just had to take a few flicks with my cell! But you get the point!


Violet Bloom Unique Accessories

In my post earlier I raved about how much I adored the necklace set and rings I purchased today at the flea market downtown.  Of course I asked the vendor for her card and website information because all of her jewelery was  JUST, THAT BAD (in a GOOD way of course). I thought I'd share the site with my readers.. But before I do, here are a few pieces that I HEART! And If you're a trend setting, show stopping fashionista like me... Then you'll heart them too!




6th and Neal Street Washington, DC 20002

Flea Market Frenzie

So I took a trip to the market with my coworker (o, did I tell u? I got a NEW JOB! DOWNTOWN) at lunch today... I love going to flea markets! It's always exciting to see what vendors are selling! My latest addiction is Jewelry! And I'm EXTRA so I love anything Unique! This necklace JUST DOES IT FOR ME! A great addition to a vintage blouse and blazer! And my hands just don't feel or look the same without BIG rings!!! These were FABULOUS TOO! They gave me hell at work about spending 30 bucks on the necklace.. saying I couldve purchased the same one from HM for 6 but O well I'm all about supporting the starving artist ;)


Opinions Please

Ive had enough of my HTC! If it's not one thing its another... I'm tired of settling for the next best thing so I'm going to just take the plunge and purchase the Iphone 4 (Birthday Present To Myself!) How many of you have it? What are your thoughts? I also hear that the phone can be unlocked to use with other service providers (I HATE At&T!) Is this true... Please give me your opinions!

It's My Birthday

HEY NOW!!!!!! It's my birthday! Can't wait to get home and blow out the candles on my 24th birthday cake that wasn't touched this weekend :) I am so blessed to have  my hubby, my sissies, and the close friends that I have who have stuck by me and all my crazy adventures over the years.  Staying at home taking jello shots, playing Never have I Ever and Spin Shot, laughing and doing it up at home was a BLAST and BY Far the best Birthday Weekend a girl can have! KISSES Here's to 24 and MANY MANY more!!!


Is the industry blind? Possibly

What I should do is start a damn segment called WHY THE HELL AREN'T THEY SIGNED!? Still stalking that website I mentioned yesterday and Ive finally found talent... When I'm on my creative streak working on my own musicI don't look to established artists for inspiration.... I look to artists that are trying to make it... Why? Many reasons but mainly because we tend to be ALOT more dedicated, driven and determined... The thirst and hunger pains from starving artists are very much present so alot goes into our work... This girl... you may have seen her videos on you tube or ran across her myspace page is a breath of fresh air... I went from listening to a few tracks to hear how her voice sounded one, what her lyrics were saying two and how her music was arranged... completely disecting her materials to looking at all of her videos,not fast forwarding not skipping a beat... WHY IS SHE NOT SIGNED???

On some REAL SHIT... This Video made me cry because I know EXACTLY what that feels like.
If you have some time please check her out...
her name is Sonyae Elise...
All of her lyrics are saying something and THAT is what this industry needs!


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