Fire Trucks

My son Hearts Fire Trucks... He's Five... His room of course is getting a facelift with the others... I purchased a dresser from the thrift store today and painted it fire engine road. Room colors are white and red... I saw a fire truck pic in the Pottery Barn Kids Catalog and fell in love but fell out of love with the price... and then stumbled across this on etsy.com The price is still a little steep for my blood But great inspiration! This wold look perfect overtop his bed!


O to be young and single

I am convinced that the world only has a handful of GOOD MEN... That they all are taken and I have snatched up the LAST ONE.. THESE DAMN CLOWNS SMH...I am pretty sure that there are no males following me as of yet, if you are please be so kind to give me your opinion... But AS A WOMAN... Sure, I'm married! I love my husband!!! I also am always in situations where I am around males full faced with makeup, hair done, outfit maxed out (hey this is my blog, my personal down time lol) so compliments are always given and always welcome. I must admit that I am flattered to know that my husband isn't the only man on the earth who finds me attractive... But gentlemen when you approach a woman COME CORRECT OR DON'T COME AT ALL... Some women will turn their noses up in displeasure and walk away.. I WILL CUSS U OUT AND EMBARRASS YOUR ASS IN PUBLIC! "Hey Shawty Lemme Holla At you" Unacceptable, Any names other than my own which u don't know because I haven't given it to you are UNACCEPTABLE. DO NOT TOUCH ME IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM AS I PASS YOU IN THE CLUB, LOUNGE, GAS STATION WHATEVER.. EW!  It is 2010 Women are all about SWAGGER!!!!!!!!!!! Let me say it again SWAGGER!!!!!!!! Not Game!!!! Swagger will get you a hell of alot further with a SINGLE WOMAN than a WACK ASS LINE that we have all Heard before... It is absolutely HILARIOUS! I'd rather be swept off my feet than rapped up..... Ladies...please tell me that I am NOT THE Only one who does not like to be approached as if I were a bucket head!!!! I tell my sisters all the time... U HAVE TO MAKE A MAN RESPECT YOU! And that starts with the inital introduction.... You are not going to address me ANYWAY! WOULD YOU ADDRESS YOUR MAMMA LIKE THAT?

Tyra, Girl!

Tyra, You better work girl! Less is So much More! That red dress and the yellow purse and pumps are SIMPLY FABULOUS! I'm not a fan of pointed toes... Probably Definitely would've worn a stacked platform but never the less she looked great!

Problems in Bed!!!!

HAHAHA FOOLED YOU WITH THE TITLE HUH? LMAO!!!! This Video... OMG FABULOUS ;) Did they pull a door down as a work station??? Anywho.. NEVER thought about using vintage sheets as throw pillow covers... Creepy yes... BUT FABULOUS!!!! No Seriously, aside from almost killing the dog and a few Julia moments (Giggles) These pillows are the BIZNESS!! Hmmmm Ideas!!!!


Loving the b & w stripes!!!

Seeing Stripes!

My Canopy Printed Fabric from fabric.com arrived today and I LOVE IT! Not only do I love the pattern but the material is FABULOUS! I can't wait to make my pillows!!!! I stood infront of the blank wall opposite of my grey wall in the living room holding the fabric in the air out infront of me to admire it and a light bulb went off.... O M G! That's it! I'll Paint a massive striped design on a canvas and hang it on the wall. Off to Biglots!!!! I purchased 4 large canvasas came home and taped those suckers up and went to work!  Two down Two more to go! I still need to perfect the sides of the finished canvas as well as add protective sealant over top... That's tommorrow's task... Let them dry and hang them accordingly! But until then.. I just had to show you how they look so far! I LOVE THEM!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! AND ONCE MY COUCH ARRIVES AND THE PILLOWS ARE MADE OMG! I COULD DIE JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! Watch out Elle Decor!!!

I love this fabric!!!!
I think I'm going to order MORE!!!

Before...Right... After...Left

HUNG!!!! 2 down 2 to go!!!

Hello... My name is Barbie and I am addicted to Blogging!

BLOGGER IS EFFING KILLING ME RIGHT NOW! i CAN'T SEE POST PICS AND ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY... TO THE POINT THAT I REALIZED THAT I HAVE A PROBLEM! I'm glued to my laptop alllll day! So maybe this is a good thing! A break from blogger! Back to homework! Catch you dolls later! ;)


Wall Art

Cleaning my room was less exciting than I thought it was going to be... the more I cleaned, the more I realized that the reason I had neglected cleaning was due to the need for a new bed, a new dresser and a new look. We had very, very outdated hand me down furniture from the fam to start off and it took me five years to convince my husband that we needed to part ways with it until one day he came home and most of it was gone (Giggles). i purchased an old french dresser and mirror and painted them white, borrowed an old french side table from my moms and painted it white and have been unable to locate a dresser that will fit with the others in the room...I'm not big on matchy stuff but i do want the styles to be uniformed...  SCREAMING INSIDE... I can atleast see one side of the floor and my entire bed.... By the end of the week it will be spottless!!!!!
Dig my wall art? I do.. See what you can do with google, cardstock and a little imagination
My 7.00 frames are hanging over our bed EVENLY
 thanks to the Leveler and the Husband and I love them!!!

Slowly but surely coming along

The Living room is almost there.... almost, not quite... I would estimate that by the summer time it will be ready to have house guest again... I can't stand when people come over and my house is a mess or not put together... Lately I''ve been saying "Please excuse the mess... I'm redecorating LOL Works for now... The internet is so inspirational... I love all styles but have leaned more towards eclectic for our living room and its fabulous! For now, I'll show you a few things I've picked up. Enjoy.

Remember him!!! Found him at the Salvation Army two weeks ago!!!
The Plastered Column is from our wedding and was hiding in my moms garage (next to its twin)! I knew they would come in handy one day!

Love my Grey wall!!! Still needs another coat so for now this is all you get ;)

She sits next to the couch!!! I passed her and her twin by many times at Big Lots wanting them but never needing them... sigh, when I finally made the decision to get them THEY were gone... But Marshalls had the same ones! For 10.00 more of course! I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice...
So I bought her!

Favorite Movie (Breakfast at Tiffany's) Audrey hands over top of our halfway painted credenza (which my husband hates btw) and our TV! Love Her!

Of Course you remember the fabulous coffee table

Still on the TO DO list:
1. Finish painting credenza
2. Build/Buy Book Case to hold massive collections of DVDS
3. Removable Wallpaper for bare wall that bookcase will sit on
4. Buy Couch
5. Buy accent Chairs
6. Buy lamps
7. Buy/build side table
8. Zebra Rug

The list may grow in size but this will do for now


My First Cooking Experience!!

Well Dolls!!! Here it is!!!! My first cooking video (pt 1) LOL!

Hollywood Regency

Etsy is the PLACE TO BE if you're looking for HOLLYWOOD REGENCY with DEEP POCKETS!
love EVERYTHING about this furniture! Great Inspiration!

How BAAAAADDDDD is this Stool?


This magazine rack... TO DIE FOR

I so so so want this light switch cover!

OMG! All i need in my life is a FABULOUS Wine Bottle Holder....


OMG....OMG....OMG... Can we say FAB!!!!
With the right padded Cushions
We could lay out in the sun ALL DAY LONG!


My 7.00 Frames

 These darlings jumped out at me while in Big Lots yesterday, I loved them and almost passed out when I saw the price. Loved that even more! 7.00!!! SOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDD!!! These will go in the bedroom (once its finally cleaned) over the bed...

The Best things in life are FREE

Can I just tell you how FABULOUS my grandma is!!!! She knew that I was going bat crazy over trying to find a coffee table for the living room redo... I wanted the perfect table but could not find it to save my soul. UGH Why is it when you are looking for something it is nowhere to be found but when you don't need it BAM there it is... EVERYTIME!  So she passed her table down to me and being as though she knows I am in my Susie Homemaker mode she told me to "hook it up" and that is just what I did! I love you grandma! And I love EVERYTHING about this coffee table! Thanks!
Before... Don't you love the detail??????


 Now to find a couch and two accent chairs!


Well, while everyone is out enjoying this weekends weather... I will be in the house trying to avoid a nervous breakdown as I attempt to tackly my messy ass bedroom.... It has literally become a closet because my closet is full to capacity. My head hurts walking into the room so I avoid it as much as possible. SMDH I should be ashamed of myself! But I'm going to show you before pictures anyway because it definitely won't look like this after... GOODWILL Be on the look out!!! I am donating this weekend!!!. And if hubby and I have time... We well finally make our headboard! So here it goes....

My bed is burried under there somehwhere

                         So if you don't hear from me all weekend... You know WHY! Kisses Gals!


Tam Styles of Getitgirlstyle... She's Simply Fabulous

I am all about Fly Women!  and what better way than to reward these women than to give them the SHE'S SIMPLY FABULOUS AWARD

 GOES OUT TO drum roll pleeeeaaaassseeee!!!!


I've been following Tam for quite some time, I eagerly click on her blogs link in my feeds to see what she's up to. And each time I'm NEVER disappointed. I've reached out to her SEVERAL times for her personal opinion via email and each time she's extended a helpful hand. Not to mention she is FUNNY AS HELL!!!!  Her style and creativity show through in her home! MY HERO!


If you haven't checked out her blog yet... Definitely DO SO NOW!


Talk about Vintage

I did it!!! I purchased this book for 1.88 and according to the reviews on Amazon.com ,
This book was published in 1978! That's right Dolls!!!
It's a CLASSIC.... In the collection she shall go!

Confessions of a Walletholic

I never cared much about what I carried my coins or cards in.
Until NOW
Lately I've been majorly addicted to Clutch Wallets!!!
And my darling son picked this out for me today!!!!

O she's baaaaddddddd!!!!



I'm going to let you guys on a little secret... Ready.... I CAN'T COOK! Giggles No Seriously! I burn my sons spaghetti o's... How this Happened? I have no freaking idea... My dads a Gourmet Chef, my moms mean as hell in the kitchen too... When I was younger I cooked but as time and age passed I got a little well, LAZY LOL I'm one of the lucky ones... My husband cooks for me EVERYNIGHT! If he didn't OODLES AND NOODLES FOR DAYS!!!  I always pick up gourmet cookbooks while in Marshalls or TJ MAXX... The recipes are almost NEVER ATTEMPTED... They look good in the kitchen though lol ... They are just too damn complicated! I read through the ingredients and I'm like ummm can I get this from Harris Teeter???? Shoppers???? Giant???? Safeway???? No. NEXT! But today!!! While browsing I came across Ms. Patti Labelle's "recipe for the good life" for 7.99 I flipped through the pages and nearly all of the recipes called for ingredients that I already have in my pantry and for the FIRST TIME in my ADULT LIFE! I'm actually Looking forward to cooking dinner for the fam! Camera in hand, spatuala in the other... LET'S GET BUSY!

Pillow Talk

Having the perfect pillows to accent your home for me is the equivalent to having those bad ass shoes to set the outfit completely off!!!  I did manage to eyeball a few at target (the rossette collections) but 17.48 for a pillow is just a tad bit too much for my blood especially when I plan to purchases several... I've also pondered the idea of making them myself... I'm NO Martha Stewart but I do remember a thing or two about sewing pillows! That was the easiest part of home economics LOL Unfortunately, Hancock Fabrics didn't appeal and I don't feel like driving to Joanne's for further disappointment. A little birdie told me to check out fabric.com and so I did! So many choices.... Here r the ones I'm crushing on right now!



I'm dying right now!!! These rooms r TURNING ME ON!!!
My fav store had some really artsy plant holders and I keep on passing them by...
Tommorrow they'll be coming home with me!
Fingers Crossed!

I would go home with those tables on the first date ;)

 All images are from Elle Decor
More tomorrow!!!


Where Ever the Camera Takes Me

Shout out to Bayo for his FAB Photography Skills!!!

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