Dining Room Chairs

Such a boring post title... I know...

I purchased a dining room table about two months ago from my favorite thrift store and since then it's been painted or course and very very lonely. My first thought was to purchase four ghost chairs on Overstock.com, but let's face it...im one cheap bitch! And y'all know I'm not working sooooo I don't have it like that. So the next option was to purchase chairs from the thrift store and we know how hard that can be... But somehow I was able to purchase five chairs that I've been wanting do a while and a coffee table that I will share later for 44 dollars!!! On a percent day Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... I can't wait to reupholster these loves! Take a look


2012 Goals

No blogpost today dolls, I'm busy drafting my goals for 2012! Maybe if I write them down crossing them off the list will be more meaningful... I'll chat Tom...



Fancy Lucy


For Christmas, my hunnie bought me the White Iphone 4! I’m in LOVE so naturally, I needed a FABULOUS case to go with it!!! I’ve been IN LOVE with the chunky cases for quite some time and as most of you know they can be VERY expensive. Well, now I’m in the market for an IPAD… so you dolls know where I ventured to find one. Thant’s RIGHT! EBAY. HELLO!

                I love this Ipad Case! But this post is NOT about Ipad Cases!

I did a search for “bling ipad cases” and up popped the blinged out Iphone cases… I began to click on the cases that I liked and noticed that they were all listed by the same seller. So I browsed the ENTIRE store… Not only were cases FABULOUS! But they were also super AFFORDABLE and I mean anywhere from 25-45 dollars!!!!

For those of you who are interested in purchasing the cases that are shown in my Favorites below, you can do so by visiting here.



imageimageimage imageimageimageimage






Seeing Stripes

Hello dolls! I'm hoping that everyone had a safe and fabulous New Year! While most people relaxed I spent the first day of 2012 applying the wallpaper that my mom gave me for Christmas to an area wall in my master bedroom. FABULOUS. I usually lean towards a more eclectic feel when it comes to the decor in my home when she told me she purchased the 10 rolls of wallpaper from the Salvation Army I had no clue of what to do what I'd use it for but knew I'd find a place somewhere for it. She described it as beige and white striped but it's actually pearl and champagne. I fell in love when she showed it to me. I have the worlds BEST mommy!!!! Since I'm working with a completely blank canvas in my bedroom... No seriously, I don't even have a bed I knew it would be perfect to use it in there. I'm going for a very glam look! I can't wait to show you the progress of it.

Until next time lovers!

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