Proud Mamma Moment


My boys are going to be in trouble when this mommy gets a job, some coins and the camera I’ve always wanted.. They think I snap pictures non stop now.. JUST WAIT…. Miycah’s already like MOOOOMMMM… Sorry son trying to catch up for lost time…  I took these pics this week… and they’re going up on my gallery wall!

He gets that from his father smh… Isn’t he soooo cute in his uniform… Tear

Look at Baby K… AKA Juice Jones wit his chunky self! This Picture is soooo freaking adorable!



Table, Spray Paint, Pumpkins, Fab



This weekend I cleaned up the brass coffee table that I picked up from the thrift store!!!


And started my fall/Halloween Crafts! I love my little gold pumpkins! I picked these up from the thrift store as well…


Have you dolls started your fall decorating???


Drinks anyone…


With Halloween right around the corner, one can’t help BUT to get excited! The decorating, the pumpkin carving, the parties OH the parties. This year I decided to have an adult party…Still trying to decide a theme… While doing my daily blog reads today blogger Monica of Monica wants it posted a FABULOUS drink recipe with some adorable cubes to keep it cool as well! I was immediately sold! In fact! I rushed out to the store to get some spiders that are currently cooling in the freezer at the moment! I thought this weekend would consist of me painting my steps and front door but I think I’d rather get drunk instead LOL Just kidding but I do want to mix up this drink and see how it tastes! I’m so adding this to the drink menu!

Aren’t these ice cubes thebomb.com?


The Patronous Spell Ingredients:

-Patron (or any cheap tequila): 1.5 oz per serving

-Pomegranate Margarita Mix: 4 oz per serving

-True Lime: a pinch/dash per serving

-Salt for garnishing, if desired

-Spider ice cubes: about 5-6 per glass



Visit her blog to read the rest of the tutorial!


Arm Candy

I got completely beside myself at the jewelry counter at my favorite thrift shop today… all the bangles were .99 each. Of course I couldn’t leave them there…I filled the bag up with both gold and silver bangles and paid 24.00 in total for them all.. Love a good deal!

My gold get ups! I'll share the silver tomorrow!
Aren’t they peeeerrrtyyyy.. and they’re soooo heavy! I LOVE IT!
My favorite is the first bracelet.. I’ve wanted a JADE bracelet FOREVER, this one isn’t jade it’s something but It’s fabulous and it’ll definitely do! Have you dolls checked out the jewelry counter at your local thrift stores?


Entry Way

Well.. A few weeks ago I did a post on some mirrored tables that i was IN LOVE with! I even added the console table to my “new home” list on Target, hoping that someone special would pick it up… ummm no luck IN FACT when i told my mom she gave me the “bitch please” look when I told her how much it was, my husband laughed and my dad just didn’t say anything lol. Now normally I would have bought it myself but ummm HELLO I am FABULOUSLY unemployed! So on to plan B! The thrift store… I’ve been itching to go for a few weeks, with the weather getting cold and all I need some fall gear! I’m going to cross my fingers and hit every thrift store that I frequent up with hopes of finding something remotely close to what I want… As most of you know, its VERY rare that you actually walk out the thrift store with what you went in there for. I have my eye on one particular entry table… that I ALWAYS see when I visit the store and at my favorite spot it’s usually about 30 dollars… Ive never picked it up because I didn’t have the need for it… How much do you want to bet that I’ll never find it again and if I do it’ll be ridiculously priced? Always happens to me smh. NEWAY! Here’s my inspiration! Let’s hope for the best shall we!



Image Via Decor Pad


Dressing Room Sneak Peak

I know I've been overloading you dolls with dressing room inspiration pics! Well... my dressing room is just about finished... with a few things hear and there.. minor things... Like... Adding the wall shelves for my shoes...  I thought Id share a few pics of the progress thus far.. and please do excuse the mess in a few shots...u know how it goes...

Like I said... u know how it goes when you change ur clothes 5 or 6 times... they always end up on the floor or in a corner chair lol

Thrifted Dresser painted by yours truly (actually needs to b repainted due to my husband dragging it down the hall when we moved... JERK!) 12.00

Thrifted Lamp

Do you dolls peep my first painting! thought id start my newest hobby off low key in the event that it was a DISASTER! I actually LOOOOVVVEEE it! Now I just need to buy a frame and some larger canvas's to really get it in with my paint brush :)

My shoes will go on this wall.. once I build the shelves... But for now these little shoe racks will do!
Peep Audrey! LOVE HER
OOOO and my vintage stand in the corner.... 6.00

My birthday was Tuesday.. I turned 25! Which is y there's a balloon floating around :)
Thanks Hubby!

 Shout out to Walmart for carrying this furry RUG that was orginally 20 dollars but since someone decided to put a red mark on it... which has since then been scrubbed out i got it for 13!

There's my FABULOUS stand again:) don't know what the previous owner did with it... Must move my mirror from infront of my pretty rock .. I sat on the floor and curled my hair the other day lol and painted my toes lol the polish has to go too

Up close and personal! still unpacking... which is y you see somethings out of place over there lol can u guess what?

Remember the leopard shirt I blogged about???? I have on that outfit today LOL

I could've hung up the clothes I tossed over the rack... but this is an honest post lol so yeahhhhh but this is my rack it usually has my go to pieces hanging from it LOL

Vintage Vouge Poster circa 1954... and a thrifted chair that was redone by yours truly... its hiding under the clothes.

 The end... And soooo far this is my favorite room in the house.. probablly because its the only one done lol well close to being done I'll do a final reveal once everythings completed... what do you dolls think?

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