Come Correct of DON'T Come at all

Yes... the B... is about to come out... I have a NO tolerance for NONSENSE... NO REALLY.... I am NOT THE ONE... I will hurt your feelings so quick it'll make your head spin (Fiesty aint i?) I commented on one of my fav blogs as I always do and went back to read the other responses about a particular post.... like I always do (It's fun to read what fellow bloggers write or what the author writes back to you) and to my surprise someone had the nerve to post the nastiest most irrelevant response that I've ever heard and how did they do it... guess.. mmhmm ANONOMOUSLY... WTH kind of Childish Mess is that... If you're BOLD ENOUGH to post straightup bullshit on my blog then make your profile known so that I can atleast address you like the woman I am.. That's scary as hell.. Further More... Opinions are Opinions I may not agree with you, you may not agree with me... We'll agree to disagree but there is always a RESPECTFUL way to handle the situation... The way this particular blogger handled it 100 percent classy! and she gets major cool points from me! I think one of my other Favs TAMSTYLES List that Negative Comments will be trashed without thought on hers (In a Sassy Way of course) SMH and Laughing my ass off at that! Always a HATER IN THE CROWD! I guess that comes with the territory :) O Well... Happy Blogging! and remember if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all... OR atleast be woman about your .... and make yourself known!


PS other than that I'm a really cool chick ;)


Tamstyles said...

im with that shit..i so agree...thats why i took anon off my blog..they wont be hidding behind it. someone left me a ugly comment once, and i trashed that shit quick...do you!

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