Hutch for 30 Bucks!

I've commented on several blogs about my 30.00 Hutch that I picked up on Christmas Eve from the Good Will! Yes, Merry Christmas to me :) It was orginally 80.00 But i talked her down :)  It sat against the wall clashing with everthing in the house for a two months until I finally got tired of looking at it. And here she is!!! Not bad for my first big paint project!!!! Pardon the blurriness of the before and after pics... I didn't have a camera... remember... it broke so I had to take them with the phone :) BUT MAMMAS GOT A NEW CAMERA NOW! .


Don't mind the top... It'll b decked out lol
just playing around for the picture

Picture Frame turned chalkboard!
Credit to domesticfashionista for the cute saying


L.Duncan@home23duncanboys said...

Nice girlie! Oh, french provincial furniture, I love thee so much!!! This is my kind of makeover....good job!

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

Yay, your comments are finally enabled!!! I wanted to comment for so long, but the comment link never worked. Whatever was going on, I'm glad it's finally fixed now.

I love GW (it's my 2nd home) and that china cabinet to too much, especially for $30!! I love a black china cabinet, and covering the back in some bright paper would really make it pop against that coral wall. Love the wall color, and love the finished product. GREAT job!

Champagne Taste said...

Girl probably something i did by accident lol i know nothing about HTML but I'm learning :) THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I actually bought this sick wall paper that I plan to put in the back this weekend :) See great minds think alike :) I'll be sure to post pictures!!!!

Mrs. Chic said...

looks fantastic!! I see these much pricer at my goodwill...but sadly we have no room for one - I love this makover

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