Strut 101- Platforms

I love a good platform... Yes I Do.. and standing at 5'8 without heels a  good ol' 5 inch heel makes me look like a freaking Amazon Princess! O height I love the height! I would'nt want it any other way. And so what my husband and I look like Kimora and Russel but he loves it and I DAMN SURE won't give up my shoes.... HMMMM Give me these and a runway and I'll do whatever you want!

Figures they would only have a 6 left... Damn can the girls who wear a 9 get some love too?

Who wouldn't love a RED PLATFORMED PUMP?!

O Aldo, Dear Aldo... I'm on my way to see you DARLING!!!


elledee said...

those shoes are amazing! you can always find cute cheaper stuff there.

Brooke's Closet said...

someX I hate being tall! pants be flooding lol. and i look like an Amazon over everyone YIKES

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