Seeing Stripes!

My Canopy Printed Fabric from fabric.com arrived today and I LOVE IT! Not only do I love the pattern but the material is FABULOUS! I can't wait to make my pillows!!!! I stood infront of the blank wall opposite of my grey wall in the living room holding the fabric in the air out infront of me to admire it and a light bulb went off.... O M G! That's it! I'll Paint a massive striped design on a canvas and hang it on the wall. Off to Biglots!!!! I purchased 4 large canvasas came home and taped those suckers up and went to work!  Two down Two more to go! I still need to perfect the sides of the finished canvas as well as add protective sealant over top... That's tommorrow's task... Let them dry and hang them accordingly! But until then.. I just had to show you how they look so far! I LOVE THEM!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! AND ONCE MY COUCH ARRIVES AND THE PILLOWS ARE MADE OMG! I COULD DIE JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! Watch out Elle Decor!!!

I love this fabric!!!!
I think I'm going to order MORE!!!

Before...Right... After...Left

HUNG!!!! 2 down 2 to go!!!

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