Barbie's Must Reads

Dolls... My book Came and It is FABULOUS! Published in 1979 It's Amazong how alot of the decor has resurfaced!!!  And Since I know all of my readers (all 29 of you HEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!) are Stylistas and Fashionistas YOU SHOULD OWN THIS BOOK! I purchased mine on Amazon for 5 bucks! What r they thinking??? THIS IS A CLASSIC! A PAGE TURNER.. THE IMAGES... PERFECTION! Every Design Divas DREAM!

Another FAV! That I picked up this weekend from home goods on the clearance rack.. Side note He'd Die if he knew he was on the clearance rack.. I LOVE HIM! and am adding him on my must make BFF list when I move to LA!!! THIS BOOK IS THE TRUTH.. Not that I'm not already FABULOUS! But he gives me more reason to Step my game up!!!

So these are my Must Reads for this week.... Check them out Dolls



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