Have a seat

Excuse me while I toot my own horn right quick... HONK HONK baby! I did it!!!! This chair holds every inch and every beat of my heart!!!! This is my rough draft! I wanted to see if I could do it myself before I paid someone an arm and a leg to do it for me...

Inspiration ......

Chair. 7.00 Good Will
Gold Spray Paint 2.80
Fabric 6.99/yd ( I used one yard and still have more left over for the back!)
Decorative ribbon to cover staples .99

Not bad... Not bad at all for my first upholstering job and this chair WAS NOT EASY!

And now that I know my rush trial can look like this... on to perfecting it for real!


Mrs. Chic said...

your chair looks so good!!

Pink Inc. said...

The chair came out really nice! Good Job

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