ill take those! thank u!

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I stopped in the Good Will to Browse. I've been neglecting this Good Will for quite some time and I didn't think anyone noticed... But they did! It's sad LOL As soon as I hit the door, "Hey girl where you been? OMG You're KNOCKED UP! (That's how show affection and excitement around here LOL) I walked around grabbing this and that and that and this and something told me to go over to the lamps... I NEVER find any decent lamps at this Good Will, well, I won't say NEVER because I did find some cute lamps for our bedroom a few months back... okay ALMOST NEVER... Soooo I walk over there and spot THESE!!!! Dolls, the feeling I got when I saw these babies was ALMOST better than sex! I didn't even look at the price I just snagged them up and put them in the cart before anyone else could... Then, I look up at the top shelf and find TWO lamp shades that I ADORED! Damn... Who donated these??? I shook my head and snatched those up too... I put them both on the lamps just to make sure they fit and WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!!??? THEY DID!!!! HOT DAMN! DOUBLE SCORE!!! I NEVER can find good lamp shades!!! I'm still trying to find some to fit the lamps in my room... UGH!!! So anywho I get these babies up to register... Right behind this woman who piled all this shit up in her cart just to put most of it back HATE that and said Oh, I need to make sure they work.... I called Ms. Lorane over there and she plugged them up and both indeed worked! and WELL!!!!  The lamps were 10 each... UMMM HELLO STEAL and the shades were 10 each... Ummmm Not so much... Sooooo I used my charm and ended up getting them for 5 in addition to getting FREE stuff... LOL See what happens when you frequent your good will and have a FABULOUS personality! PPL JUST LOVE ME lol and here they are!!! SEXY AREN"T THEY? I think so!


Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

From what I can see the black lamp shades look like the go really well with them, I'm a sucker for gold anything love!

TamStyles said...

well hot damn...those babies are bad..lucky you..i am going thrifting for real.

Brooke's Closet said...

I like.......gr8 find!
how often do you thrift?

Champagne Taste said...

Thanks Dolls!

@Brooke I thrift EVERY CHANCE I GET! Mostly on the weekends now since I'm working again but when I was home I was there almost everyday!

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