Single Ladies


Did you dolls catch the season premiere of the new VH1 dramedy “Single Ladies”? I just happened to catch the ending of Basketball Wives and could find the clicker fast enough to change it so I watched….. ehhhhhhhhh,WTF!? First of all, I know the shows scripted but damn… and how many sex scenes does a tv show have to have before its considered porn?  IDK if ill be watching this show next week… What did you dolls think about it?


BESOS LYNN said...

Umm, I liked it! I am ashamed to say. It just depends on how scandalous your friends are. I could totally relate to most of the characters on some level. Sounds crazy, I know. Let's see where they are going with this. Give them one more chance. I must say, all the male actors were the "worst ever" except for Common!

calisha said...

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It's a MUST-WATCH show. I love the cast and all the drama. The ladies are very pretty and interesting to watch.It's like a Sex in the City type thing, but in Atlanta and way more drama, it keeps you wanting to see more.

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