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Hey dolls… Some very exciting news… I got laid off my job.. booo… BITCHES… had to move in with my in laws because obviously being 1300s a month to rent a 2 bedroom apartment in addition to the other household bills was just too much for my man to swallow. And even though he’s the man and is expected to stand on the block… take care of his family by any means necessary I just can’t see him kill himself to do so. This is 2011 people… and I personally think that caring for a household is a partnership if you’re in it together… Okay enough of the lecture… Now back to the news.. anywho my grand ma ma had a house in Baltimore that she hasn’t lived in for like 5 years now… guess what? She gave it to us! YES dolls SHE GAAAAVVVEE us her house!  Naturally the creative juices are flowing… so here’s the “T” the house has 3 bedrooms… and from mommy’s told me (because I’ve never been to the house lol ) the closets are small…Well Kayden is 3 months old, he doesn’t NEED his own room yet… is what I said to mommy… so Kayden and Miycah will share and the 3rd bedroom which is smaller than the rest (den) will become the dressing room.  Now I’ve wanted an office since the beginning of time but a place to hold my shit so that its not spilling over everywhere is far more important than having an office that I won’t be in anyway considering that I do most of my best work in the bed… head out of the gutter ppl! I found some FABULOUS dressing rooms to share with you dolls to drool over as I ponder wth I want to go in this thang…


laura vinroot poole domino HC


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Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...


I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

Continued Blessings!

GOD will work it all out in the nick of time!

Be sure to share pics of your dressing room. Do you already have ideas? Would it be possible to cr8 a small space to put a laptop and a small somen' from ikea to give you a little space?
U might be able to put something small but comfy in the corner.

Love the pics you posted! #1 is my fav...



Diamonds Pearls and Crazy in the world of Barbie Jones said...

Thank you for your kind words :) Of course I'll share pics... of my findings and DIYS as well :) this is my favorite part about blogging although Im no way near a designer I enjoy designing its therapuetic LOL. I going to fit a desk in there somewhere trust me and Im trying to find a settee at the moment as well for seating... I'll work it out and I have somewhat of an Idea of what I want in there... that will be tomorrows post :)

JazzyO said...

awwww CONGRATS!!! How exciting. SO will you have to move?

Can't wait to see what you will come up with. I'm a new follower, love your sassy personality!

I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

Can't wait!



Sugar+Spice(Azúcar+Especia) said...

Isn't it so awesome how one door closed and then a "WHOLE HOUSE" opened!!

LOL- I luv dressing rooms so I can't wait to see how you make it fancy.

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