I know… I know… I do a blog post and then disappear for a month or two and then do another.. it’s a pattern  but seriously, I plan on getting back into the swing of things on both my blog and Youtube channel! It’s therapeutic, not to mention it'll help with the promotion of Platinum Glam Parties, and Platinum Glam PR my babies. HEYYYYYYYY

ANYWAY… I’ve moved into my house! And lord… is it a WORK in PROGRESS but It’s soooo much fun being able redo EVERYTHING! It’s coming along nicely and as a blogger I like to see progress from start to finish, not just the pretty home tour… I mean damn if you are a DIYer can’t you show us how u did it yourself? Soooo with that being said, I have a long, long list of things to do around my adorable baltimore row house. one room at a time… The first “BIG” project I’ve begun to tackle are my steps… I’ve always wanted black and white steps… but never knew how much work I’'d have to put in to get them. No seriously I’ve been painting those damn steps since Wednesday, it’s Saturday and I’m still not done…. actually the steps aren’t the hardest part.. it’s the railing and that is nowhere near done… mostly because I’m trying to figure out HOW IN THE HELL to paint the other side of the unreachable trim… GRRRRR… I wanted to give up soooo bad, but it was too late so the only thing I could do was think about the ending result and pray that my painting skills got me there….

So dolls…. this i s what my stairs look like today and they are NOWHERE near done…. I actually have to do them over… SHIT ANOTHER WEEK! why!? because I rushed into them and forgot to prime sooooooo when I put that handy dandy painters tape down to start painting the black… guess what happened.! Yep… SMH

Stay Tuned…



Brandi said...

Kudos to you for doing it yourself! I can imagine how much work it is, but just think of how pleased you'll be in the long run!! Easier said than done, right!!! :)

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