And The Fun Begins

I call myself hanging shelves in my "Corner Office at Tiffany's" HA... I still haven't mastered the art of hanging wall art, frames, pictures, or shelves.... I thought I was doing something... I'm guess to allow the shelves to be secure it is ideal to use the anchors and screws that come with them... Well noone told me that once you put the anchors in the wall its a wrap... so the shelves were crooked... and I got tired of fighting with thm so I said forget it im going to use some heavy duty nails... HA that lasted for about 15 minutes.. BAM... shalves on the floor.. I get up and hang them back up... 15 minutes later again... BAM... O M G I wanted to scream so now my walls are not only scratched all up from the black paint but there are like 50 different holes in place where the shalves should be... SMH first handy woman task a FAIL But we all have to start somewhere... Luckily my aunt purchased me a Tiffanys poster and frame as a wedding present... (Yes I put it on the registry at Target, I had planned to put it in my closet when wer got a house lol) I hung that up over the computer... which covered half the holes temporarily now... to the other half... I went to big lots after I left the Good Will in search of primer and black paint to begin my desk and game cabinet transformations and ended up buying a chalkboard instead lol... It wasn't bad... not my style... so I figured I'd play around with it... SUCCESS!!!!  I was so proud of myself! and all I've been talking about to the hubs is OMG i can't wait till black friday so i can get this black and decker electric sander for 15 bucks... Im going to hook this furniture up. LOL hes still trying to get used to the fact that his wife has joined the super savings club at home depot LOL ...


And After!!!


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