Totally Obsessed

A friend once told me that I had obsessive behavior... Umm I'm sorry that True Blood is so entertaining that it drives me absolutely crazy to wait until next Sunday to find out what's going to happen next. Okay I'm in denial! Once I'm hooked that's it... And this is why I never partook in the consumption of illegal substances LOL.... It all started once my husband finally convinced me that paying Rent-A-Center (CROOKS!!!) 300.00 a month for furniture wasn't economically efficient. I called them up to check the balance thinking we owed no more that 5 or 600 dollars and was completely floored when they informed me that I was 3,000.00 off... Umm you mean to tell me that I have been paying you 300.00 a month for a year for this furniture and I still owe 3,000.00. I couldn't have told them to pick that furniture up any quicker... In fact, I was so determined to get that furniture out our house that I broke it down and sat in the hallway for them myself. So now we had no couches, no tables, no lamps, and no dining room set... It looked like we had been robbed... We ran to the Target and purchased a cheapo coffee and side table, and flew to Wal-Mart to get a futon. It's cute.... SIGH, SMH! I stumbled across hgtv.com last week don't ask me how... I honestly don't remember... Probably board at work and since then every day I flip through thousands of pictures in search of inspiration for our home... well out plush apartment LOL...

We haven't purchased our first house yet… still working on the saving money part but when we finally do (Hopefully a year or so from now) O Boy!!! I came up with a plan to do one room at a time... The Living room was the first Priority because we entertain guest all the time and with one futon and no chairs… sad, sad situation on my hands... then moving on to my corner office, the kitchen, the big boys room, the bathroom and last but not least ours. All the husband is seeing is dollar signs CHI CHING CHI CHANG...and as we all know... I do have Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget... Well... one of my girlfriends pointed me in the direction of Thriftydecorchicks blog and O M G I died... I literally died.... I stalk the thrift stores with the rest of them but I'm a model! I never step foot on the furniture side... I'm always looking for pieces for shoots... I became totally obsessed... so obsessed that I jumped in my car on Sunday and called myself going to "SEE" if the Good Will by my house had anything... I underestimated them... BIG TIME...

I Spent 68.00 in that store on a new to me computer desk, a game cabinet for the living room, a desk chair, an adorable desk and chair for our son, and a boudoir chair for our bedroom... all in terrible, terrible shape... I know the people were looking at me all kinds of cross eyed but I just kept on smiling like I'm going to hook this up when I get me some primer and paint LOL~ Sturdy Life-Long Last Pieces of Furniture! You know they don't make it like they used to... I just can't wait to get my craft on... I almost stopped traffic and was late for work this morning passing a house that had a high boy dresser out by the trash. No I'm not too proud to rummage through the garbage LOL FREE I'll dive in head first LOL... I think it was missing a drawer... that was the only thing that saved it cuz I would have figured out how to load it into my truck... I swear if it’s there on my way home today I’m getting out to inspect! LOL and if it’s salvageable it’s coming to back to Brooks Drive with me!!!!


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