Goodwill Game Cabinet

A few weeks ago after my obession with all things creative began i ran to the Goodwill with crossed fingers hoping to find some inspiring pieces to give our apartment a much needed facelift... Well... I spent oooooo about 70.00 LOL and came home with a desk (finished that on Saturday), a game cabinent for the living room, a boudior chair ( i was going to put it in the bedroom but we need another chair in the living room sooooo lol), a desk and chair for thre little guys room, and a chair for the computer desk.. NOT BAD.. NOT BAD AT ALL... Well I don't know the darndest thing about painting... and here I am thinking it's easy... yeah right!!! But was I going to give up NOPE.... Sure I messed up a few times ;) But we get better as we go along right LOL... The Cabinet is not finished... Just need to do some touch ups, add another coat to the shelves, put the glass back on the door and of course reapply the knobs but i was soooo freaking excited.. I just had to share! I got the idea of stacking books from Sarah aka ThriftyDecorChic... soooooo sooooo cute! (Thanks Babes!)  I'm learning!!!! I will unveil my living room once everything is done... KISSES

Sorry for the blurriness... Little Guy hid the camera... Snapshots with the BB.




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