It's never too early to plan for next year!

I really need to get on top of my blogging game! I am sure once I get into the swing of things I'll be overwhelming you with posts :) Well... My Husband (I just love saying that, What!? I'm a newlywed!) And I are looking into purchasing our FIRST HOME! (HAPPY DANCE!) I am soooooo freaking happy! He's happy to not continue wasting a ton of money on our two bedroom, one bath apartment! I'm excited about DECORATING!!! Yes, I’m a complete DORK!

He gave me that strange face again yesterday after I jumped with joy about my plans for after Christmas shopping! O don’t act like you don’t get your cards, wrapping paper and decorations after Christmas for next year ;)… Michaels, Ross, Marshalls, Target, Home Goods… they all mark their Christmas stuff down! And I plan to RACK UP!!! I def. need to get some of those festive bins for storage, I’ve seen them at the Targets and Big Lots and while I’m thinking about it I’ll have to make some cute signs to label them with so there is some type of order in our soon to be garage!

I get email updates BHG.COM (one of my newly found obsessions) but never open them from my blackberry and never can find the time to browse the World Wide Web at home… Maybe if I had a laptop with wireless… (hmmm gift to self…???) Any who where was I? O yes… BHG.com BARBIE LOVES IT!!! I’ve been saving pictures in a holiday folder on my desktop for about 2 days! Some of my inspiration for our not yet purchased home… Hey one can dream right!!!???
It's never too late to plan for next year...


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