I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!!!

Okay... soooo you're probably going to hate me :) But I freaking love love love the snow!!! In fact I love it so much that I prayed for a blizzard... No Work.. meaning more time to get some of my household projects done :) and a White Christmas! and YAY! Look Outside IT'S GORG!!! well... it was until my "pressed" neighbors decided that their cars would grow wings and fly out of the parking spaces... I mean come on... I drive a truck and I have'nt attempted to go anywhere it's snowing.... really hard and Smart Guy, if the parking lot looks like this what do you think the roads look like? SMH Some People....

So anyway .... I promised the little guy that I would take him out in the snow.... AFTER i finished tugging and pulling at the 10,000 nails that were in my thrifty store chair... It had been sitting in the corner FOREVER and what perfect time to begin pulling it apart than a snow day... Well.... What a job!? I'm almost certain that I picked the hardest chair to do for my first reupholstering project but it's all good! I'm not giving up... I think I stabbed myself ooooo 4 or 5 times before I decided to take a break and perfect timing! The little guy is up!!!! So i layered him in ooo about 4 or 5 layers of clothes and put his snow suit on! A scarf, hat , coat ang gloves and poor thing was burining up...I assured him he'd thank me once we ventured out into the winter blizzard :)

It was Freezing! O M G ... Pretty to look at but talk about frost bite... I cut the outdoor play a little short... i don't think the little guy minded much, he kept sinking into holes with every step the snow was so deep... poor thing LOL it was actually kind of cute... I called the Hubs and told him get the hot coacoa ready we're coming up... sooo 30 minutes and 10 frozen fingers and toes later we were home! And this is what Barbie Jones has to show for it :)


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