Been there, done that, got a trophe and t-shirt

Sometimes I take advice and sometimes i give it... Some people just need a shoulder to lean on.. a girlfriend to sip wine with ... and a girlfriend thats on her way with a baseball bat if that crying call is placed to her... Sadly I'm the girl with the bat (Joke) (Okay, not really). In between the crying spells, the laughter, and the plotting I sometimes find myself speaking straight up and down knowledge having absolutely no idea where it came from hoping it will help... But the thing about giving advice is that you have to be strong enough to take your own... and sometimes in order to do what's right you have to do what's hard... Been there done that hunnie got a trophe and a t-shirt to prove it.

"Don't Look at Starting Over as the End of the World.  Look at Starting Over as Lifes New Beginnings. Reinvent yourself, Reestablish yourself, Get to know Yourself. And whatever you do hunnie DON'T LOOK BACK!"

Barbie Jones


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