Don't you just love when a color goes POP

I have to thank FleaMarketTrixie for this post... Thanks Girl!...I was so stuck on picking an accent color for our room...(It's coming along quite beautifully btw...) All white's and silvers very glamourous just like I wanted but needs that pop of color as well... I was so stuck, it literally took me an hour to find the "perfect" fabric to cover our 5.00 Goodwill  Bedroom Corner Chair... Luckily after fishing through the 60% Off home decor table at Hancock Fabrics I was able to find a platinum Fabric... FAB and looks extra FAB on the  now White chair and the price (2.49) was even more FAB... SO Cudos to me hunnies... but colors, colors... UGH! And then I log onto my blogger to check out my fav blogs progress and images of Turquoise popped in my head like oiled up Chip and Dale dancers.... DROOL!!!!

Look at the colors.... O M G Look at that Headboard....

Note to self... Purchase Foam from Hancock Fabrics before the 50% Sale is over,
Purchase Silver/Turquoise Silk Fabrick and buttons
Purchase Ply Wood from Home Depot
Pull Up Tufted Tutorial on You Tube
and Pray....

Side note.... love the mirrord dressers and side tables that have been popping up everywhere... don't however love the prices... SMH

Decor Pad

Are these not the SEXIEST Rooms you've EVER seen ladies...



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