To Dos!

Being snowed in the house for a weekend can be so much fun! Yesterday I finally painted the hutch that I bought on Christmas Eve fom the Good Will for 30.00 and Darlings.... It looks FABULOUS (I'll post pictures... don't worry! As soon as I purchase a new camera!)  Today I got the urge to bake homemade sugar cookies using my Valentines Day Cutters and my newly aquired piping and flooding techniques! (This should definitely be interesting!) So as I sit down to wait for the dough to chill I begin to look around for projects to tackle next. Out comes the stationary... and the list of To Do's begins!

1. buy new camera!!! (Sadly the old one is no longer with us, O well time for an upgrade any way!
2. Mac Book Hook Up! (Time for a Mac... Cousins know someone!!! Love Love Love hook ups!
3. Dining room set (Good Will) Nuff said!
4. Pay for Buffet, Mirror and Headboard (Ebay)
5.  Find a resonably priced freight shipping company to ship the above items!
6. clear containers... Kitchen cabinet organization
7. chalkboard labels (Etsy) Clear Cabinet organization
I'm pretty sure the list will grow LOL..

o yeah
8. Do something about this blog... YUCK!


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