welcome to my spot... plz stay for a while... my new grey obsession

Our living room is so Blah right now... Seriously....  It consist of... a fouton, a shelf lamp, a cheap target side table, a cheap target coffee table, and a cluttered entertainment center (which doesn't match by the way anything colorwise btw) that holds our Fabulous 42 inch Vios that we got from the inlaws for Christmas! (LOVE!) But UGH...

I did manage to hook it up some what with a couple of contemp paintings from Marshalls... a large peace finger sign sculpture thingy (LOVE!), and some fab lime green and white pillows! Everythine Else... GOTTA GO... We have company over all the time! Every weekend No Kidding... and most of them end up staying the night... Its so embarrassing to have to bring in the patio chairs to accomodate our guest because we have nowhere to sit... and like I say all the time... Just because I live in an apartment doesn't mean it can't be Fabulous.... 

The Color Scheme:
Grey, Lime Green, Cream/White and Black!


Barbie's Caption... OUCH!

I adore everything about this painting.... and the coffee table...

Photos Via Decor Pad, Home Portfolio,

More to come... just a teaser... Ahhh and now to the long ass to do list!


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