Okay... Maybe one peak

MY CHAIR LOUIS GHOST CHAIR CAME TODAY! I wasn't even expecting it LOL I opened the door for the Super and this Gigantic Box was sitting infront of the door. Me being dumb lol.. I ask "What's this?" My best friends in the background screaming "Your chair DUMMY!" OOOOOO LOL I ripped the box open like a kid on christmas morning and may I say I am completely smitten with my chair!!! Sooooo I decided to post a pic lol Because I am just that excited... The walls not dolled up, my inspiration board is not done lol... This weekend I'll be painting and framing and everything else LOL... Hey I know Maybe you ladies can give me opinions of what I could do????

So here it is!!!!

Desk: Ebay 69.99
Ghost Chair: Ebay 135.00
Lamp: Family Dollar: 10.00
Cork Board: GW 1.99
Pin Up Cal.: Boarders 1.00
Desk Organizers: Dollar Tree 1.00



ashlina said...

love it!!!!!!!!!!

Decor I Adore said...

Oh my gosh that chair is beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Adrianna said...

My advice would be set the chair against the wall and let us just Oooh & Aaawee in jealousy over it! I so have blog envy 4 realz...

Champagne Taste said...

:) THANKS GALS! YES LADIES! And now some meditation to figure out what I'm going to do with this area... UGH lol any ideas???

Champagne Taste said...

lol @ Andrianna! SILLY hahahahaha ;)

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