On the Hunt for a NEW CAMERA

My camera BROKE!.... My reasoning for having no pictures of the 2 thousand projects I've worked on or anything else for that matter... it sucks... and the camera on my blackberry sucks even more... I'm not photographer so a high end camera is not at the top of my list... just want something that does enough and takes FABULOUS pictures...
 I'm sure I'll be able to edit the hell out of them once I get my Mac Book Pro next week (Valentines Day Present to ME! From ME!) In the meantime... I want something stylish ans sleek (nothing heavy and bulky... picture me pulling that out at a wine tasting with the girlfriends to take quick flicks lol or on one of my fabulous thrifting adventures)

I think we have a winner!!!! Sony Cyber-Shot 12.1 Megapixel Model: DSC-T90/P
Currently 251.99 at Best Buy!!!!

Love that it's Touch Screen and according to the customer ratings Definitely a winner!!!


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