Can I just say something.... The problem with apartment living... ignorant ass inconsiderate neighbors... Yo, Seriously! The chick underneath me blasts her freaking music allllll night.. Okay (not a nice word to fill in here), you don't have a job... but I do... If I wanted to drop it low or get transformed I would go to the DAMN CLUB... UGH... but let my son step a little too hard over top your head... You've got the police knocking on my door..... UGH! Please excuse my randomness... Better I talk to you than go kick her door in...  and I can only imagine what goes on in her house during the day... and to think after the 12th I have to be cooped up in the house for lord knows how long until I found another job. (O, i forgot to mention that huh... Yeah, I'm amongst the every so growing number of hard working people who was laid off.... no biggie I'll find another job, plus I can focus on finally finishing school... I know you heard me say I was going back, so that I can FINALLY make the money a Publicist should WORKING FOR MYSELF!) In the meantime... frequent thrifting adventures and a few thousand cans of spray paint may be VERY Theraputic! Night Dolls!


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