15 Bucks... I'll Take it!!!

I had almost given up on Craigslist... UNTIL... I found this 15.00 Credenza!!!! Yes Dolls! I said it! 1-5 Dollars! SOLD!!!!! My best friend and I hopped in the truck and headed to Baltimore... O M G! WHAT A ROAD TRIP... Those people did not live in NO DAMN Baltimore LOL I looked over to my Bestie after we had been lost (made a few shopping pitstops lol) for a bout an hour! and said "Darling, We're NOT in Kansas anymore!" They should have put a disclaimer on this thing... HEAVY AS HELL! I almost killed myself trying to flip this thing over to move it where i wanted it to go BY MYSELF! It was driving me absolutely crazy sitting in the middle of the floor... The drawers are still in the truck... UGH not looking forward to bringing those up 7 flights!!!! Nevertheless... It's Fabulous! They don't make wood like this anymore. I sware this thing is 100% tree trunk! I'm going to have to get creative when I  paint it! I won't be moving it again!!!! Hmmmm, Now! What color do I want to paint it to correspond with my Grey Wall and living room decor. ???!! DECISIONS! DECISIONS! 



One Cheap B*tch said...

Your post is too funny! I have to head on over to Craigs List to see what I'm missing!

Decor I Adore said...

can't wait to see what you do with it!

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