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I am a Stickler for PROFESSIONALISM! And I am LOYAL to those who are LOYAL to me! and thats why I am a CREDIBLE individual and can walk into any room and SHUT THINGS DOWN! When I speak people listen. I play NO GAMES! and have NO TOLERANCE FOR IGNORANCE WHAT SO EVER. As a model, of course I have a plethura of gay friends! I LOVE MY QUEENS!!! Some people don't like it, some don't accept it... That's Their choice and Their loss...  I have been coordinating a fashion show for a friend for a few months! I was really excited about it too!!! This was the first show for my friend... designs were absolutely phenominal! VERY VERY TALENTED!!! I suggested that we involve INFLUENTIAL People as VIPS to get the word out and assist this fresh designer with the bare essentials for success... This industry is tough no matter how talented you are at the end of the day it's about WHO YOU KNOW.. NOT WHAT YOU KNOW... So I throw a very good friend of mine in the mix... Designer and Personallity Emore J Couture... GOOGLE HIM! He has his own fashion video segments and is a featured personality on a radio talk show in LA... We're not talking about cookie cutter,milk carton connects I'm bringing to the table... Emore J has been nothing but supportive and loyal to me over the years, involving me in numerous shows, fashion weeks, appearances, interviews and photoshoots! I would do ANYTHING FOR HIM!!!  The designer reaches out to him inviting him as a VIP of this function, Because we support the movement when an invitation is extended if we can help with anything that's just what we do! So Emore J contacts his people for a runway to help the designer out! Great Deal too! Everythings going smoothly!!!! and then I get  a message from another source asking who HE (EMORE J) is and why his name is on the VIP list.... So I respond, with all the titles informing them that the designer personally invited him. I get a response... that Noone is to put names on the VIP list but this person, and since they don't know who he is his name is being removed from the list... HUUUUUUUUHHHHH!????? First of all it is COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL to extend an invitation to someone and resend it PERIOD! No matter what the case may be! WHO DOES THAT? But really, because you don't know him? Google Him! You mean to tell me that if he was a key player for Entertainment Tonight, or an Editor in chief of Vouge Magazine and wanted to be involved to help this designer that You would turn him away?  And wait, doesn't the designer have a say in who he would like to invite to his fashion show? Did I mention that this was a church fashion show????? This is Fashion Darling Everyone is Gay!  HOW DARE YOU! So I put my foot down! 1, I don't do business like that! 2, this is a very good friend of mine and you won't carry him and I do nothing about it and 3, ummm it wasn't a problem of you knowing him when he hooked you up with that runway. So I walked.... If Emore J is not allowed to come to the show... I willl walk and take my models with me! Good luck on the day of!  OF COURSE I told him!!!! They weren't going to... so I was really going to have my friend show up and be embarrassed? HELL NO! In all of ten minutes and two text messages this person has managed to possibly destroy any possibilities of this designer working in DC.... One thing about Fashion EVERYBODY knows EVERYBODY and EVERYBODY TALKS... You don't close doors on people that can actually do something for your career.... I wish them all the best and success!
A Message from Emore J


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