Wall Art

Cleaning my room was less exciting than I thought it was going to be... the more I cleaned, the more I realized that the reason I had neglected cleaning was due to the need for a new bed, a new dresser and a new look. We had very, very outdated hand me down furniture from the fam to start off and it took me five years to convince my husband that we needed to part ways with it until one day he came home and most of it was gone (Giggles). i purchased an old french dresser and mirror and painted them white, borrowed an old french side table from my moms and painted it white and have been unable to locate a dresser that will fit with the others in the room...I'm not big on matchy stuff but i do want the styles to be uniformed...  SCREAMING INSIDE... I can atleast see one side of the floor and my entire bed.... By the end of the week it will be spottless!!!!!
Dig my wall art? I do.. See what you can do with google, cardstock and a little imagination
My 7.00 frames are hanging over our bed EVENLY
 thanks to the Leveler and the Husband and I love them!!!


Conscious Bride said...

LURVES the frames! What size are they? Where did you find them?

elledee said...

very pretty! I love the way that looks!

Dreams of Perfection said...

Where did you get those frames!! And the images you chose are perfect for them.

Champagne Taste said...

Thanks DOLLS!!!!!!!

My frames were 7.00 at Big Lots! I'm glad I went back for the third yesterday because they were gone!!! I'm assuming someone got the MEMO Giggles
and my Paris Images that I ADORE!!! Compliments of Google!

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