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So I talk about being a Model but really never elaborate on it! Erika blulabelbungalow of (HEY GIRL ENJOYED TALKING WITH YOU) Thought it would be totally FAB if I took pics and videos blogs of my crazy behind the scenes moments on my adventures! and she was RIGH!!!! Sooooo You'll see random videos coming out the woodworks from the doll herself getting all dolled up and doing what I do BEST! YAY I'm super excited... and simply crazy lol so THIS should be entertaining ;) 

 I've been busy busy busy with photoshoots! Updating my port is KEY to success and well... MORE  WORK! I LOVE being infront of the camera! I mean Love Love Love all the attention!!!! Giggles! LOVE IT! and I LOVE working with all the designers, photogs, makeup artist, models! Its a great way to network and book MORE WORK! I have a show in two weeks! YAY! Shout out to ALONZO! LOVE YOU!  But until then.... here are a few from last year!!!! ENJOY THEM!

Emore J' Couture- Apparatus Finale
I LOVE and I mean LOVE everything about EMORE J! I get high just being around him!!!!!

SWANK- Christian Audiger SMET Winter 2008
I'm the Girl with the long hair and white hoodie throwing snow!
Question... Y do they always feel the need to find the girl with the longest freaking legs (ME) and put them in shirts to call dresses uuuuhhhh if i sneeze my cha chas going to fall out LOL
Yup before u press play the girl with the hoodie! That's Your's Truly!
3:30 If you wanna fast forward ;)

SWANK- Christian Audiger SMET Winter 2008
I'm the second chick... again with the damn tshirt as a dress and hat!!! Love the way they zoomed in on my almost noexistant ass! Thanks Alot Guys ;)


ashlina said...

sweet! i love those videos....
erika was right and she is a smart chica!

keep doing you girl...

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