Four Page Letter

How FREAKING ADORABLE are these stamps???!!!

  Today, reading Jennifer of MadebyGirls blog (one of my faves!) she featured Sarah Cowley of SarahCowleyDesign and her fabulous stamps! I never mail my bills.... I pay by card... and I never mail holiday cards or letters to friends and family.  I've always wanted to, just never got around to doing it. This is the push I need! So Sarah Cowley got anoter sale today! She probably will be very, very busy as the girls were drooling over these puppies! Check her out! She's Simply Fabulous!


ashlina said...

oh yeah. love those...need those!

did i tell you lately how much i adore you + how your comments on my blog make my whole day....you are one ray of sunshine in my blog=o-sphere!

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