UGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! First, I am KICKING MYSELF right now!!! my Best Friend and I made our normal rounds to the Good Will yesterday to find a dresser for my sons room... NO LUCK... I did However find a new desk! It wasn't exactly at the top of the list... but the one that holds our desktop computer has no writing space and was driving me crazy!!!! and for 20 Bucks!!! I'll TAKE IT! I absolutely adored everything about this desk, the price, the condition, the look, the pulls!!! I died!!!! and Guess what!? They had two.... My truck barely had room for the one. I was determined to get both of them.. Two Desk for 40 dollars.. I'll take it! Bestie "How in the hell are you going to get the other desk Barbie?" Me: "I'll come back and get it!" Bestie: "You don't need it!" That HOOKER!!! I could kill her!!! I somehow let her talk me out of a good deal. She won't be coming back with me ;) After I got it home, cleaned it, primed and painted it I was even madder then I was about leaving it at the store....  DAMN! I could have painted the other desk in a high gloss white and put it in my room!! WHAT WAS I THINKING? You just don't pass up deals like that! I'm crossing my fingers... If I'm lucky it will be there tommorrow! The desk was nearly new for 20.00 I doubt it! But  a little wishful thinking never hurt anyone right? Well..... Enough with the Crazy!


Then She looked like this...

Now she looks like THIS


Still waiting for it to dry All the Way.. Got the fans on it AS WE SPEAK so I can hook her up for real!!!!


JIN said...

Great transformation!

Your blog is cute - I'm a new follower!

celene ♥ said...

fab !


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