O to be young and single

I am convinced that the world only has a handful of GOOD MEN... That they all are taken and I have snatched up the LAST ONE.. THESE DAMN CLOWNS SMH...I am pretty sure that there are no males following me as of yet, if you are please be so kind to give me your opinion... But AS A WOMAN... Sure, I'm married! I love my husband!!! I also am always in situations where I am around males full faced with makeup, hair done, outfit maxed out (hey this is my blog, my personal down time lol) so compliments are always given and always welcome. I must admit that I am flattered to know that my husband isn't the only man on the earth who finds me attractive... But gentlemen when you approach a woman COME CORRECT OR DON'T COME AT ALL... Some women will turn their noses up in displeasure and walk away.. I WILL CUSS U OUT AND EMBARRASS YOUR ASS IN PUBLIC! "Hey Shawty Lemme Holla At you" Unacceptable, Any names other than my own which u don't know because I haven't given it to you are UNACCEPTABLE. DO NOT TOUCH ME IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM AS I PASS YOU IN THE CLUB, LOUNGE, GAS STATION WHATEVER.. EW!  It is 2010 Women are all about SWAGGER!!!!!!!!!!! Let me say it again SWAGGER!!!!!!!! Not Game!!!! Swagger will get you a hell of alot further with a SINGLE WOMAN than a WACK ASS LINE that we have all Heard before... It is absolutely HILARIOUS! I'd rather be swept off my feet than rapped up..... Ladies...please tell me that I am NOT THE Only one who does not like to be approached as if I were a bucket head!!!! I tell my sisters all the time... U HAVE TO MAKE A MAN RESPECT YOU! And that starts with the inital introduction.... You are not going to address me ANYWAY! WOULD YOU ADDRESS YOUR MAMMA LIKE THAT?


Nikki@ Cheap Like a Birdie said...

I agree. I much prefer an articulate man who can come up with an approach that gives me interest in him rather the ___________insert generic “hey baby” line here.

Tamstyles said...

i agree...i am raising a great young man I might add...some woman is going to be happy to have him...but she better not make ME be the one to do the disrespecting...and I might add that I have a great guy myself..talk about blessed...I think of him everyday as i work and how blessed I am to have found him.

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