Fire Trucks

My son Hearts Fire Trucks... He's Five... His room of course is getting a facelift with the others... I purchased a dresser from the thrift store today and painted it fire engine road. Room colors are white and red... I saw a fire truck pic in the Pottery Barn Kids Catalog and fell in love but fell out of love with the price... and then stumbled across this on etsy.com The price is still a little steep for my blood But great inspiration! This wold look perfect overtop his bed!


Slumber Designs said...

Girl, this should be in every boys room! But if it's pricy, it can wait. Or you can paint something similar! Are you a good painter??

Happy Wednesday Girl!

Dreams of Perfection said...

I bet you can pull that off yourself!

FESI said...

xx fesi-fashion

Champagne Taste said...

THANKS LADIES! KISSES!!! Slumber.. Well I used to be somewhat of an Artist ;) Im super creative! I will make it happen some way somehow !!!


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