Pillow Talk

Having the perfect pillows to accent your home for me is the equivalent to having those bad ass shoes to set the outfit completely off!!!  I did manage to eyeball a few at target (the rossette collections) but 17.48 for a pillow is just a tad bit too much for my blood especially when I plan to purchases several... I've also pondered the idea of making them myself... I'm NO Martha Stewart but I do remember a thing or two about sewing pillows! That was the easiest part of home economics LOL Unfortunately, Hancock Fabrics didn't appeal and I don't feel like driving to Joanne's for further disappointment. A little birdie told me to check out fabric.com and so I did! So many choices.... Here r the ones I'm crushing on right now!


erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

All good stuff! Great blog. :)

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